A eventful Christmas for the Shawmut community

Published 9:53 am Thursday, January 4, 2018

CHRISTMAS EVE INVOLVED a trip to McDonough, Ga., for Terry and Liz Landreth, Robin Landreth and Heath Landreth who was down from Winston-Salem, N.C. for the holidays.

They arrived at their destination in time to attend the morning worship service at Henry Baptist Church which was really enjoyed for the wonderful singing and message that focused on the real reason for this holy season. It didn’t hurt that Adam Landreth is the minister of music and was leading the worship service. Mom and Dad always have loved for him to sing and it thrills our hearts to watch as he puts his whole heart in leading worship to our Savior who was born to take away our sins.

Following the church service, this group went home with Adam, Ashley, Anberlin and Ayrton for lunch and to celebrate Christmas together. It was fun to watch Ayrton (age 2) open his presents, after much coaxing, since after he opened the first gift, he was ready to play with it and leave the rest to others who didn’t have anything else to do.  Anberlin is an old hand at opening gifts at the ripe old age of 6 so she knew to open look and open again then decide which one she wanted to play with at that time. She played for a while with her gifts, then put them up and played the rest of the evening with Ayrton’s toys.  He always loves big sister playing with him.  We were so blessed to have all our family together for Christmas Eve and we knew that Santa was going to be real good to Anberlin and Ayrton since they are perfect, according to this set of grandparents.

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A CHRISTMAS BRUNCH was held at the home of Terry and Liz Landreth with loads of delicious food to satisfy anyone’s appetite. After eating, everyone took time to visit and then a little later, to snack on more goodies. It is always a blessing to have friends and family over to celebrate Christmas and we hope more will join us next year.

Those stuffing themselves amid laughter and lots of love were: Heath Landreth from Winston-Salem, N.C., Margaret Ennis, Marilyn Suttles, Hermon and Cheryl Myers, James Myers, Jeffery Myers and Tony Myers, Robin Landreth, Robert and Maurice Landreth and the hosts Liz and Terry Landreth.

THE EMMANUEL Sunday School Class of First Baptist Church Shawmut held a coffee and cake get together Thursday, December 28th at the home of Cary and Sandra Meadows. Their home was beautifully decorated and the snacks were delicious. The time to just sit and enjoy each other, with the ladies talking flowers, decorations, grandchildren and children and the men just entertaining themselves,  put the icing on the cake. The class members not present missed a evening of good fun and fellowship. Need to ask Chuck and Toni about the chicken game.

Those enjoying the time together were: James Sorrells, Rev. Chuck Anderson, class teacher, Toni Anderson, Terry Landreth, Liz Landreth and the hosts Cary and Sandra Meadows.