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Published 5:00 pm Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hello Huguley friends! I don’t know about you but where I work at the Annex building in Lanett, my job actually has to work 5 days a week in January, so I am so glad February finally got here. I am not used to working every day of the week now. My office will be opened Mondays, Wednesdays and the first and third Friday’s. I look forward to seeing some of you. Stop by and speak when you are at the Annex getting tags and whatnot.

Wow! I got this PSA for you guys last week and it didn’t have time to get into the VTN on Monday. Since we will not be doing a Monday’s paper now, I just held it til now. I don’t yet know when the Huguley, Cusseta and/or Fairfax columns are going to be running in the paper, all I can do is ask you to not forget to send me your news. Go ahead and send it like always, Thursday night or early Friday morning. I will get it into the paper and we can just hang out and see where the paper folks plan on placing it. Here is the PSA.

A  delightful event took place Saturday morning at the Car Cruise that occurs  every first Saturday of the month in the El Rio parking lot where the Lanett Masonic Car Show is held Spring & Fall. They asked me to mention their car cruise-in in the Huguley column this week, for February it was Sat., Feb. 3, 2018 beginning at 3:00 pm EST until 6:00 pm EST.  If you have a car/truck/motorcycle that you would like to show, it is free as well as for spectators. They gave away prizes, sold 50/50 tickets, and the  proceeds went into buying prizes for next month’s cruise in. Also, at the meets, you can bring your car, truck or motorcycle parts that you have for sale for free. We ask only if you make a sale, you make a small donation so we can continue this.  Last Saturday, the Low & Slow Cruisers had their monthly meeting at Freddie’s in Opelika and I talked with Mr. Barry, but did not get a chance to talk to Mr. Willard. Our club tries to help each other and our members will be at the Masonic Car Show on March 24. Make your plans to attend.

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Mary and Rusty Terry redeemed their gift trip from their children from this past Christmas last week as they headed to Cozumel on one of the cruise ships, The Carnival Triumph, headed that way. They left the house on Friday morning and Friday afternoon they enjoyed dinner and company at Anna Sabree’s house in Pass Christian Mississippi. They enjoyed seeing the Sabree and Pigott family and spent the night with them. And Saturday morning went to New Orleans and was on the boat by 3:00 in the afternoon. I’m sure they did all of the touristy things that everybody does when they go on those trips. We did when we went. The only thing out of the way different that happened on this trip and it is so sad to report, that one of the men on the cruise ship helped his wife overboard and turned and walked away. And No it wasn’t Rusty and Mary! The cruise ship their staff, and authorities, look for this woman for a good long while, and finally had to come back to Port and admit defeat on finding her body. That is so sad. Except for that I’m sure that Rusty and Mary had a good time doing the buffets, probably some karaoke, walking along the deck in the Moonlight, getting a good long nap, whatever. Mary said it felt bad for her to be saying she had a good time, while that family was dealing on such tragedy. But, they actually did have a very good trip and certainly had memories to bring home that everyone doesn’t get on a cruise!

The Youth and leaders from Happy Valley Baptist Church took the opportunity during one of the cold evenings last week to have a huge bonfire out in the field close to the church. There were 19 people that got together, cuddle in their jackets and blankets around the fire to enjoy s’mores that some people might not have ever made before. They used traditional and non-traditional items in their s’mores including but not limited to chocolate chip cookies, candy bars, and caramel squares. They also participated on a lesson from a parable of five taken from Jeremiah 20:9. The leaders of the group are Josh and Jennifer Gosdin. Look like they were all having a good time.

I know all of you are getting tired of the cold weather. We are too. But, considering the fact that we still actually are seeing a few flies left from 2017, we probably need toe cold! Hang in there Spring will be here before you know it. I miss hearing from you guys! Won’t you consider sending your news in to me so folks that do not have access to Facebook can read about your comings and goings? Call me at 706-773-6550 or shoot me a text, Messenger me or shoot me an email to  I would love to get something from you! Let me hear from you Take care and have a great week