Let’s work together to improve our home

Published 2:02 pm Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Living in the Valley isn’t easy.

The area is made up of numerous cities, counties, states and time zones. Different sections of the community operate on different time, making the area unique in its makeup.

We are also stuck between a major metro area, Atlanta, and a college town, Auburn. This can make it difficult to bring in new, recognizable stores and restaurants while at the same time diminishing the stores and restaurants already here.

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Thankfully there is a solution, which already is being implemented by a number of organizations.

The various cities have done much to revitalize industry in our area and local commerce groups have done just as much to revamp our image.

The biggest opponent to the area’s continued growth will be the failure for our different cities to find common ground on pertinent issues.

While arguments between municipalities is common and often trivial, any prolonged, sustained quarrels provide the opportunity for the good work happening in the area to be undone.

The motto of the Greater Valley Area Chamber of Commerce is “Strength Woven In.”

These are words to live by. For positive change to persist, our governing bodies, businesses and citizens need to continue to work together.