Much to do in the Valley

Published 1:22 pm Thursday, February 15, 2018

What to do today?

That’s a question posed by all of us at one point or another. The answer, though, isn’t so easy.

People crave new experiences and the best thing to do when you’re out of ideas on what to do is to go out. And arguably the best place to go when you’re bored is to a community event.

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Ask anyone what the big event in the area is and you’ll get a few answers: the merry-go-round in Valley and the LaFayette Christmas Festival that come around at wintertime, or the Valley Haven Hike Bike Run that comes around every spring. Some might even bring up the myriad of church and club-related events.

What about the St. Paddy’s On the River event coming in March, taking the place of a similar event put on by the now-closed Irish Bred Pub. The lineup will include concerts, arts & crafts, kids events and green beer for the adults.

These are all well and good, but make up only a fraction of the year.

What about the rest of the year? Doesn’t an area like the Valley have more than that.

It does.

Those from the area are probably well-versed on when each and every little event is occurring, but what about those that are a little newer.

Between Valley, Lanett, LaFayette and West Point there are upwards of over a hundred different events going on throughout the year and yet, for the majority of those, unless you are told by a friend or it gets mentioned during church, most don’t get promoted.

So let’s get the word out.

Every event taking place in our community has merit, so be sure and promote every single event going on in the Greater Valley Area.