Having a fun time at Disney World

Published 12:55 pm Saturday, April 28, 2018

Susan and Willard Eason, Lindy and Billy Martin, Caleb Worthy and Desirae Allred left Chambers County last Friday to head down to Orlando to see Mickey Mouse for a few days. It had been nearly 25 years since Willard, Susan and Lindy had been to Disney, and Caleb and Desirae had never been.

We had four day tickets and we could split up between any of the parks. Some of the group wanted one of the fast-paced rides and some of us wanted the slower rides or shows.

We had to do some compromising. If it was too fast-paced I just shut my eyes and prayed I would make it back through the ride in one piece.

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A couple of the shows I really did want to see. After all it had been a quarter of a century since I’d seen them. The Walt Disney Enchanted Tiki Room was one of these but everybody enjoyed it.

Some of the group wanted at least two rides on Space Mountain but we sat that one out completely.

We had various wait times on the rides that range from two-and-a-half hours to about 10 seconds. Riding the Banshee in the world of Avatar: The flight of passage was one of our favorite rides. Lindy, Beauty, Caleb and Desiree liked Space Mountain the best.

We hit all of the parks at Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I don’t think we missed more than one or two rides or shows in each of these parks.

We were very glad they were gracious enough to let people bring in snacks and drinks to the park. Eating inside the park for six adults for four days would have been a burden. We spaced our days out because we were in the area for eight days.

On a humorous note, we met two couples in one of the queue lines. One couple was from LaGrange and their son was celebrating his 4th birthday. The other couple was originally from LaFayette, now living in Daphne, Ala., and their daughter was turning 6 years old. What are the odds of that? It just goes to prove that it really is a small world.

We all were tired when we got back-ready to go back to work. Well, maybe, but we needed that vacation and we took it.

You all have a great weekend and I will hear from you next week. You can contact me at 706-773-6550 or you can email me at strictly news@charter.net.