Baptist Women discuss detox and recovery

Published 9:21 am Thursday, May 31, 2018

THE BAPTIST WOMEN of First Baptist Church Shawmut met May 1st at the home of Liz Landreth. Liz welcomed everyone and asked God’s blessings on the food.

Following the meal, the meeting was called to order by Linda Tolbert who turned the program over to Liz who introduced the speaker, Jim Largent who is a counselor with The Journey Detox and Recovery unit located at EAMC Lanier Memorial Hospital.

Jim retired after 26 years with East Alabama Fire Department.  He said deciding to go to detox is a personal decision and no one is forced to go or stay. Sometimes it takes multiple times at detox before a person is finally able to leave the destructive life of drug or alcohol addiction. There are 4 Journey units in Alabama and after a person is clean/sober for a year, they can become counselors since they know how it is to be addicted. Jim told how he gave his life to Jesus and how He has used him to help others.

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Nita Abney gave the prayer calendar using scripture from Esther. She read the names of missionaries having birthdays that day and Carolyn Oliver led in prayer for them and other prayer requests. Elizabeth Hall read the minutes of the April meeting and Mary Ann Fuller gave the treasurer’s report. It was announced that we went over the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering goal for home missions. After other items of business were handled, Mary Ann dismissed the meeting with prayer.

Those attending were: Linda Tolbert, Carolyn Oliver, Nita Abney, Elizabeth Hall, Janice Sorrell, Hilda Hunt, Sallie Breedlove, Wanda Phipps, Shirley Bills, Lois Passmore, Cheryl Myers, Mary Ann Fuller, Jim Largent, the guest speaker and Liz Landreth.

First Baptist Church Shawmut Taste and See was held May 6th  at the homes of Mrs. Jean Miller in West Point and Carey and Sandra Meadows in Huguley.

Mrs. Miller  welcomed everyone and Bobby Tolbert asked the blessing on the delicious food. Following the meal, Bobby read scripture from 2 Chronicles and Mrs. Barbara Hale prayed before giving the devotional . Ray Hale lead the group in singing “O The Blood of Jesus”.  Linda Tolbert led the group in playing Mad Lib.

Those having a great time here were: James Myers, Billy Tolbert, Joe Miller, Elaine Breedlove, Jeff Myers, Shirley Bills, Sally Veale, Tony Myers, Margaret Ennis, Jeff and Sharon Burnett, Ray and Barbara Hale, Liz and Terry Landreth, Marilyn Suttles, Pattie and Carl Dyess, Eddie and Joyce Linch, Linda and Bobby Tolbert and the hostess, Jean Miller.

Carey and Sandra Meadows welcomed another group to their home and Rev. Chuck Anderson led in prayer and gave thanks for the food. After eating, Chuck led the group in playing Characters.

A enjoyable time was had at this location by: Connie and Ronnie Carter, Lois and Norman Passmore, Terry and Cindy Tankersley, Tony and Marsha Smith, Jody and Dee Dee Colley, Gle Gle Hall, Mary Ann Fuller, Sallie Breedlove, Nita Abney, Chuck Anderson and the hosts, Carey and Sandra Meadows.