What are your plans for the Summer?

Published 7:47 am Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May is one of the busiest months of the year, rivaling December and the Christmas season’s hectic nature.

First, in May we have schools winding down and students free to have fun all day long. In all likelihood, all elementary, middle and high school students are counting down the school days remaining. Some will be graduating and will spend their time getting ready for college, work and whatever future they have planned for themselves. Others are planning trips to the beach or the mountains or to summer camps. Some might even be planning what video games they want to tackle.

For the rest of us, we are planning our vacations. Like the kids, some of us will go to the beach or the mountains, but many will plan a weekend to simply relax somewhere without the daily grind demanding our attention.

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Then there is the myriad of summertime activities.

From blockbuster movies to water parks, there are many things to do, now that the weather has warmed up and the pollen is no longer all-encompassing.

Thankfully we live in an area with many options available.

Would you rather relax near or on the water? The Chattahoochee River is right here.

Is being surrounded by trees your thing? There are plenty of state parks to choose from.

Would you rather spend your time hitting up restaurants and shops? Atlanta, Opelika, Auburn and Montgomery are only a quick drive away.

Summer is the one time of year we have collectively agreed should be spent relaxing. Thankfully we live in an area with many options and we here at The Valley Times-News want to know what you decided to do.

Please send your pictures and stories to news@valleytimes-news.com and we will share them with the rest of the Greater Valley Area.