Huguley News: Storms, Bible school and fun times

Published 8:45 pm Friday, June 29, 2018

Well, hello Huguley, How did you make it this past week? Did the thunderstorms catch you out and about this week? It did us. A couple of times. We got a mini flood at our house Thursday afternoon and we ended up having our complete carport flooded. It kept Willard busy for half an hour just letting the deluge go out the front door. I hate it when the carport floods! We are a family of storm watchers and always have been. Love the thunder, lightning and wind. Hate it when it scares babies and animals though!

If you happen to be looking for a
church to let your babies attend Vacation Bible School, I would like to invite you and yours to come out to Happy Valley Baptist for Vacation Bible School. Shipwrecked- Rescued by Jesus! is the theme. Dates are July 9-July 13. It is shaping up to be a good one. There will be classes for all ages, so plan on a week of fun for everyone!

Willard and I attended a delightful evening out last Wednesday evening. We attended one of two annual dinners prepared for the wives and Scottish Rite members. A delicious meal of hamburger steaks, creamed potatoes, green beans, cornbread/rolls along with bread pudding and/or banana pudding was enjoyed by all attending. Some 20 couples attended.

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If you happen to go out Highway 50 headed to LaFayette, pay attention to the brand new sign out at the entrance to Happy Valley Baptist Church. It is so beautiful! All the shrubbery is gone now and it is very inviting. It really wants you to visit!

I want to remind to be very careful as you get ready to shoot all those fireworks this July 4.

Please watch your children and your furbabies. They are all so nosy and inquisitive. I am sure most of you can remember seeing pictures of injuries that have been the result of one careless second of inattentiveness with fireworks. But it can be a mistake they will not have to remember if we just be careful all the time.

Look guys, I know that you are very busy, but, I need you to help me out here, I need your input. This column has been going on for such a long time, and you know we all enjoy hearing from our community friends. Help me out here and send me some news. OK? I miss hearing from you guys. Let’s get this show on the road and get back to where we used to be ok? Send news to ok?

OK, I am gone. Stay hydrated, stay cool and informed! Have a great week.