Looser’s patience pays off

Published 10:50 pm Tuesday, June 12, 2018

LANETT —Lanett Police Department Sergeant C.J. Looser has a simple way of dealing with the challenging and often trying elements of police work: Be patient.

Looser has been an officer for the past six years and has been with Lanett for the past year and a half.

Originally from Tennessee, he relocated to the Greater Valley Area where members of his father’s family lived. It was while in the area that he decided to become an officer, remembering stories he heard from his uncle and grandfather, both former officers.

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“It’s what I wanted to do,” he said.

While on duty, Looser, goes on patrol, gets seen by the public, makes the occasional stops and performs business checks.

“My end goal is to be part of the Drug Task Force,” he said, noting a busy day usually involves several reports and a lot of calls.

Looser added that one of the most important parts of the job is having patience.

“There’s no reason to get worked up. You already have to deal with other people’s problems,” he said, adding this isn’t especially hard for him. “I’ve done it for so long now it’s routine for me.”

The main thing, he said, is that people want to tell officers, in their own words, what happened in a given situation. All being patient requires is listening, said Looser.

“It’s not hard for me,” Looser said. “I’m pretty laid back. If people want to yell at me, they can. I never yell back, it is what it is.”

His patience with the public has come in handy.

“The people are typically helpful and want to make my job easier,” he said.

Another thing the sergeant likes about his job is that he is able to keep his work and home lives separate.

“You have to keep them separate and turn it off when you go home,” he said.

Looser lives with his wife Ashlyn and their dog, a Golden Doodle named Leo. The couple have been married for nearly a year. When not at work, the pair enjoy spending time together.

“I ask her what she wants to do,” he said. “We’re pretty laid back.”

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