Pitch in to clean up

Published 7:50 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Although it is now officially summer, the “Spring Cleaning” mantra seems more prevalent than ever in the Greater Valley Area.

Kia Automotive took to the streets of West Point both Monday morning and today, cleaning sidewalks, clearing brush from trails in the park, painting a home and picking up litter. Just under 400 employees from both Troup County and surrounding areas made a huge impact on the city by doing their part to clean up.

The city of LaFayette adopted a resolution on Monday in accordance with Ordinance No. 367 that will allow them to clean up an abandoned residence near the council chambers. The house has grass that grows above knee level, weeds that scale the side of every wall and bushes that have just about engulfed the entirety of the wraparound porch.

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Having given notice to the owner several times, the city is now well within its rights to step in and handle the situation. City employees will soon tame the overgrowth and make the house presentable, making the city look and feel better in the process.

These cleanup efforts and many like them that are carried out by groups and organizations from the area are perfect examples of how much the people here care about their community. That being said, having a cleaner town, county and world doesn’t just have to rely on huge movements.

If everyone does a little bit every day, even in small instances like taking a piece of litter to a nearby trash can or pulling up that extra weed in your yard, the area we live in that normally shines will sparkle.

The long term effects of keeping things clean are aplenty, making for a better world that those that come after us can enjoy, but even disregarding those we should all pitch in to clean up.