Happy Fourth and the spirit of celebrating

Published 9:26 pm Thursday, July 5, 2018

HAPPY FOURTH of July to all of this city. People have been in the spirit of celebrating July 4, the last of June, surely, they will have some of the “Fourth” in their bones days after. This has been an enjoyable and fruitful season. There were moments of immense joy with the guest speaker, Sis. Gloria Haynes. The Spiritual Women’s Prayer Breakfast worked from the Theme Scripture: Philippians 4:13. On Saturday, June 16, at 9 a.m. ET, the celebration was underway as program participants set the tone for the speaker to come and deliver an awesome message. She focused on “Love and Leadership”. She was excellent in her message. The day was greatly enjoyed.

THE ST. James Missionary Baptist Church celebrated the 7th Pastoral Anniversary honoring Rev. John Henry Flournoy, Jr. and Sister Dorothy Flournoy using the Theme Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:18. These two were honored Sunday, June 10, at 3 p.m. ET. Guest Minister and Church: Rev. Milton Goggins- Pastor Mt. Mariah Baptist Church, Griffin, GA. St. James sends appreciation to all who came.

ON JUNE 9-10, there was excitement in a great Youth Explosion, “Let’s Face It”. This was a new kind of program presented for youths at New Life Ministers. Some participants were: Minister Kelleita Thurman (Dance and words) Minister Zikel Brooks (Nugget Word).  This program was to lift up our communities, schools, and families as we lift our hearts in Praise to the Lord. The Guest Speaker: Sis. Joy Heard of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Bethlehem Baptist extends thanks to all who joined them in a worthwhile service. Annie Gooden, Missionary President. Rev. R.L. Carter, Pastor.

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HEY! THIS is the big game. Everyone was encouraging to get prepared for. Exciting participations in these events. The excitement began, Sunday, June 10- 14, at 6:00-8:30 EST. Fairview Baptist Church, Valley, AL.

THE MOUNTAIN Spring Baptist Church, Salem, AL celebrated 151 years!!! Sunday, May 20,  at 2:30 p.m. ET. The Guest Pastor and Church: St. John Baptist, and Rev. Eric Dowdell of West Point, GA joyfully came out to join this celebration of church serving so many years. They used the Theme: “A Church that Christ Builds”. Pastor: Rev. George Rampey and Rev. Marvin Davis, Associate Minister. The Church family extends their heartfelt appreciation to all who came and enjoyed.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for the sick and shut ins. And special healing is prayed for: Mrs. Rachel Dunn and Mr. Clayton Gibson. And a great touch of happiness to say we proudly thanked the Lord for Rev. Johnnie Nelms for improvement. May all continue to have speedy recoveries.

BELATED BUT Happy Birthday to: Garlead Terry, June 18; Jeffery Matthews, Mary J. McGhee, June 19; Tabitha Davis, Rev. Mary Borkins, Krystal Hill, Marie Johnson, June Goodwin, June 20; Tony Avery, DAylan Bick, Lucius Jones, Rev. Tony Avery, June 21; John Goodwin, June 22; Michael Floyd, Dorothy (Van) Roberts, June 24; Gerald Clark, David L. (Buddie) Floyd, Jr., Lermerle Hardnett, June 25; Danny Tucker, Lamar Abney, Mr. Mannison, June 26; Dr. Teoko Davis, M.D., Ashley Johnson, Joe Williams, SGT. Holly Howell-Black, Ashley Johnson, Samuel (Sonny) Ross, June 28; Donovan Stephens, Barbara Coker, Soni Hubbard, June 29; Carlene Mitchum, June 30; Katina Allen, Cencius Lane, Janice Dunn, Tiffanue Ray, Glenda Jo Heard, July 1; Yolanda Core, Keith Moore, July 2; Sylvia Gibson, Betty Winston, Stephanie Knowles, Tanisha Atkinson, Susan Schwanbeck, Yolacia Davidson, July 3 Vickie Webb, Willie B. Johnson, Jennie Hickman, Brooke Abney, Nene Holloway, Nia McCants, July 4. May all of you have many more.

HAPPY WEDDING Anniversary to: Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery and Feleshia Brown, June 26. Have a great day on your wedding day.

HAPPY WEDDING Anniversary to: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Denise Gibson, July 2. Have many more blessed anniversaries.

HAVE FUN and be safe on July 4.

HAVE A good week.