The results are in the numbers

Published 7:58 pm Monday, July 23, 2018

Recent numbers released by the Alabama Department of Labor show that the labor force across the state has grown, including in Chambers County. Unfortunately those numbers also show that there are not enough jobs for everyone.

Specifically, the report states that Chambers County had 752 people listed as unemployed in June, compared to 584 in May. The civilian labor force concurrently rose to 15,493 people from 15,344 in May, while the number of people employed in Chambers County dropped from 14,760 to 14,741 in June, a difference of only 19 people.

Statewide, Alabama’s unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, rose only slightly from 3.9 percent in May to 4.1 percent in June, or 85,589 people in May to 89,352 people in June, a difference of 3,764 people.

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The numbers show that people are here but there are not enough jobs for everyone.

Thankfully there are a number of groups looking to meet that demand.

Work is continuously being done at the Valley Industrial Park and plans are underway to build a nearby road and put in new water and sewer lines.

In Lanett, a major runway expansion is underway at the airport, lengthening it by some 1,100 feet.

This work and others are all being done with the expectation that there will be a need for it in the future. These are major updates that are expected to have a major impact on local industry and the economy.

Chambers County isn’t alone in this. The numbers show that employment numbers have remained steady or increased. Alabama is truly a state with an eye toward the future.

Local and state governments should be applauded for the work done and the results show, just look at the numbers.