Troup seizes 23 pounds of marijuana

Published 8:09 pm Tuesday, July 24, 2018

LaGRANGE — The Troup County Sheriff’s Office has released some details relating to an arrest made Monday night.

According to a press release, Jeremy Ladon Otis Cloud, 29, of Tuskegee, was arrested for trafficking marijuana, obstruction of an officer and requiring headlights.

Public Information Officer Sergeant Stewart Smith detailed the arrest, saying it happened at 8:47 p.m. Monday night. Lt. Nathan Taylor stopped a vehicle that was traveling south on Interstate 85. The vehicle was stopped because it did not have its lights on and it was raining, according to the release.

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When Taylor approached the vehicle, an “overwhelming odor” of marijuana led him to suspect that some was in the car.

According to Lieutenant Jeff Duran, Taylor asked Cloud to step out of the vehicle and Cloud refused to do so. He had to be “assisted from the vehicle” before a search could be conducted.

The officer discovered approximately 23 pounds of packaged marijuana.

“The trafficking charge would come from the amount,” Duran said. “That’s a lot of marijuana.”

The marijuana was seized by the Sheriff’s Office and will stay in their possession as the case is investigated.