Down and locked out in the Valley

Published 6:52 pm Friday, August 24, 2018

Some folks worry too much about those looking to get something for nothing when they should appreciate those who give. This was my opinion after speaking to my wife as she was leaving Valley on Monday.

I was at work in Virginia and had missed a call from my wife, so I called back and asked, “Is everything OK?”She answered with, “It depends on what you consider OK?” I knew from her voice that something was wrong. She explained that she had stopped in Valley while to get a snack and gas as she travelled.As she pumped the gas, our miniature poodle, “Maddie,” jumped and pawed at the window. She accidentally locked the door with my wife’s keys, purse and phone inside.

That’s when my wife realized she was down and locked out in Valley.

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My wife went inside the Circle K off of I-85 and Fob James Drive, where a nice young lady let her use the store’s phone. She called the national roadside assistance service who told her they would send someone.

Fortunately, it was a cool rainy day for a little dog to sit happily in the car. As my wife stood and waited, a number of “Valley’s Finest” stopped and tried to help her (and Maddie). People were trying to bribe our poodle into unlocking the door. One girl even offered pork rinds, but she just wouldn’t do it.

Then another fellow stopped by with phone in hand and started calling his friends, telling them the situation that my wife and dog were in. He was kind enough to stay with her and he wasn’t giving up.

After an hour, she was still locked out and the dog was still locked in. The national roadside assistance service fellow did show up, but didn’t have any luck getting in the vehicle.

However, the gentleman on the phone had reached a friend of his at Valley Collision, who noted he would be there as soon as he could. He had a gadget of some sort that opened the door up and allowed her to travel on to Greenville, South Carolina to stop by and see another aunt before coming home to Williamsburg, Virginia.

She did note that our dog, Maddie, seemed to be complaining about not getting the pork rind all the way to Greenville.

My wife was worrying about the dog at the time and did not get the well-connected fellow’s name who was calling his friends to try to help her. However, we did find Valley Collision on the internet and identified the nice man who came to help as Randy Green.

So, from Williamsburg, Virginia, we wish to thank all of those who helped reunite my wife and dog and get them on their way.

Brent Heard resides in Williamsburg, Virginia has spent more than 30 years with the space program and has written his weekly column “Cranks My Tractor” for folks in Florida, Alabama, Ohio and Virginia for about 10 years.