Let’s keep making improvements

Published 7:01 pm Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The news that Chambers County has received a mobile cell phone tower in case the county’s current tower is damaged is great.

This kind of forward thinking is why the future of the Greater Valley Area is a bright one.

Here’s a possible scenario: there is an unusual amount of rainfall and storms. This results in high winds knocking out cellular service. The county could put this new tower into service, thus restoring partial communications.

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Chambers County and the Greater Valley Area as a whole HAVE been working on improvements in a number of areas, including industry and infrastructure. Updating the emergency response capabilities of the area only makes sense.

The City of Valley recently merged its EMS services with that of East Alabama Fire Department.

Adding a mobile tower is just another improvement and hopefully the county will continue to make improvements.

Maybe it will spur others to do the same thing.