Good reason for cohesion

Published 7:20 pm Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Community events in the Greater Valley Area happen routinely, which is definitely something to be proud of. A group or organization getting the public together in the name of a cause for a single day or an entire month gets more people informed and involved than a press release or e-vite ever could.

One organization, like one of the many area schools or clubs, might do this for their own purposes, and that is great. They’re using the strength of visibility and word of mouth to get people coming out.

Something that is less common but equally — if not more — effective is when organizations, instead of going it alone, team up for these community events. By combining forces, groups are able to double their efforts and bring in even more of the community.

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A perfect example of this was Chattabrewchee’s anniversary celebration over Labor Day weekend. Though their cooperation with West Point eateries is a year-round operation, they were able to get some help with their festivities from Johnny’s Pizza and Valley’s McDonalds, making an already-lively community event that much bigger.

This kind of cohesion can also be seen in the Chambers County Library’s partnership with more than 65 businesses and restaurants throughout the area. As part of their “Show your Library Card” event, those with an account set up at the library can get discounts at participating locations when they show their card. Through this symbiotic relationship, all parties involved stand to benefit.

By working together and embracing that two or more heads are indeed better than one, this area will keep community events full and effective.