Supporting art in more ways than one

Published 5:59 pm Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It is no secret that this paper and so many other members of the Greater Valley Area are supporters of the arts. As we all do our part to broadcast when the next art event will be and who will be there, the artistic community — including those who enjoy it even though they may not create any themselves — benefits. Just by talking about these, the spotlight that shines on them and the people who put them on grows even brighter, and that ensures that more events like these pop up in the future.

It is undeniably supportive, but word of mouth and discussion can only go so far when these local artists are doing all their painting, sculpting, sketching and drawing in their free time, otherwise working a day job or tending to their families to make ends meet.

True, tangible support for these artists and the work they produce comes in the form of purchases and monetary donations.

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Luckily, more and more opportunities for just that spring up around here all the time.

Most recently, the Valley Arts Council held their “Last of the Goodtime Summertime” arts show at the Valley Community Center.

Filling the gym with art, artists and art lovers for two afternoons, not only did the council give people a chance to see art, but they gave them a good reason to purchase it as well.

Giving these artists a platform to sell pieces and make money pumps new life into the Valley art scene that sharing work on Facebook or simply hanging up artwork could ever do.

The artists who took the time to create were able to see more results than just the equally-appreciated-but-much-less-valuable “good job!”

Here’s to hoping that more and more of these shows come to be, and hoping even more that all of us pitch in with our wallets as much as our praise.