Lanett business owner becomes American citizen

Published 6:11 pm Monday, October 15, 2018

LANETT — A dream Ann Ly has had for close to 20 years recently came true in a ceremony in Montgomery. She’s now a U.S. citizen.

Born Yen My Thi Ly in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, Ly has been in the U.S. with her family for the past 19 years. She’s the owner of Ten Perfect Nails, located next to China Moon in the Valley Plaza Shopping Center in Lanett. Her two children were born in the U.S., son Tyler was born in Muncie, Indiana and daughter Taylen in Atlanta. Both are students at Springwood School and are very active in the community and school activities. Tyler is close to being an Eagle Scout and Taylen is a cheerleader.

Ann’s father, her brother Jimmy and sister Jenny are in the U.S. and have attained citizenship. Her husband is working on it.

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The final step in becoming a citizen was to pass an interview. Ann studied for it for several months and passed with flying colors.

“I studied every day after work with a study guide and during work I would put my earbuds in and listen to the audiobook for the study guide,” she said.

“You have to live in the U.S. for at least three years to start the naturalization process,” she explained. “You must know some U.S. history, how to read, write and to speak English.”

When asked why she wanted to be a U.S. citizen Ann cited several reasons.

“I always wanted to vote to have no worry about being deported and to be able to have unlimited travel,” she said.

Tyler and Taylen have had U.S. citizenship from birth, and they are very proud of their mother for earning U.S. citizenship. “She’s very excited about it,” Taylen said. “We knew it would be coming for her. We’re all happy we can travel internationally without worry.”

“I’m pleased she wanted to become a citizen,” Tyler said. “We’re all happy about her passing, but we knew it would be coming for her.”

Ly has been in the U.S. for 19 years and has owned Ten Perfect Nails for 13 years.