Fuller Center making a difference

Published 5:18 pm Monday, May 6, 2019

The Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project is working hard to rebuild the Beauregard community, which was devastated by a deadly tornado on March 3.

All in all, the project will build 15 homes, with three being constructed in the past week by volunteers within the project.

This is an outstanding feat and shows the compassion that those in the Greater Valley Area have for those in need.

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The Fuller Center Project has teamed with the East Alabama Medical Center to build these homes. In the fall, the project will partner with the Church of the Highlands in Auburn two more houses and the Fuller Center’s 2019 Legacy Build will construct 10 new homes before the end of 2019.

The homes will replace the structures lost during the March 3 tornado. The home of Willie and Betty Harris will be replaced on Lee Road 166 after the storm ripped off the top of their mobile home. The couple has been living in an apartment provided by EAMC. 

Another home is for Napoleon Darby, who lost more than just his home, but also his sister Maggie Robinson in the storm.

“Napoleon lost the middle portion of his trailer,” Fuller Center Executive Director Kim Roberts said. “Both ends were left standing.”

Darby has been living in a travel trailer on the same property of his former home since the storm.  He wouldn’t leave the property because of his dogs Rock and Smokey.

The stories of Darby and Willie and Betty Harris are a couple of dozens affected by the March 3 tornado. It’s encouraging to see a Greater Valley Area organization make the trip every day to help build what was torn down so quickly by a natural disaster.

We encourage anybody who has the time to volunteer with the project, as it is always looking for people to help.