There are no free lunches in life

Published 5:05 pm Monday, July 1, 2019

By Jerry Johnson
President of First Realty LaGrange

Every time I turn around there is an ad on the radio or television saying no matter how much you owe in credit card debt their company can get them to take pennies on the dollars you owe. Friends, there are no free lunch lines anywhere that you want to eat. Last night, there was an ad on TV that intrigued me, so I took my iPad and looked the company up to see what customers said about them. People had trusted them, paid them a lot of money up front and as a result the company destroyed their credit and it will take years to repair. Guess what, they just owed a new credit card company for their fees with the Trust Me Company.

Remember what your Mom told you? Do not believe everything you hear. While I am preaching about getting taken, a lady in Troup County was contacted and was told she had won a lot of money.

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She just had to pay to get it sent to her, and she lost her entire savings. All the money went out of the country.

If you have loved ones that are getting a little older, keep an eye on them. They trust people and the scammers are trained to take advantage of people that are caring, good folks. It was a lot of money that could have paid for a new high dollar car.

I see people get taken often. Be careful, everything you see on the internet is not the truth. Some people are smart and will steal your money without any concerns for what will happen to you. No free lunch!