Church to host documentary screening

Published 2:00 pm Friday, September 20, 2019

LANETT — Spring Road Christian Church will host a documentary screening Thursday about the effects of pornography on the human brain and the rest of society.

Michael Plank, worship and discipleship pastor at Spring Road, said the documentary is entitled “Brain Heart World,” and it’s a three-part documentary.

The showing will be from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the church located at 1729 Spring Road in Lanett.

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The documentary was made by Fight the New Drug, which is a non-religious, non-legislative non-profit group which has a mission to educate individuals on the harms of pornography using science, facts and personal accounts, according to its website.

Plank said the first part of the documentary is about explaining how pornography rewires a person’s brain using science.

He said it shows what happens to a person who is regularly engaging in pornography.

The second part talks about sociological research about what pornography does to everyday relationships.

The final section explains how intertwined pornography is with human trafficking.

Due to the human trafficking aspect, Adrian Carpenter, Renew Hope 85 Initiative coordinator, has teamed up with Spring Road to help sponsor the screening.

He said although the non-profit, church and Renew Hope have different mission statements, each organization is headed in the same direction.

“Former interviews with trafficking survivors have said they were forced to do pornography and that they were coerced,” Carpenter said. “Then, there is another level of pornography being used as an entry point and then as blackmail to do more things. It becomes a trap.”

Plank said the research shows that engaging in pornography isn’t just a male, teenage or college problem.

The data shows that females are regularly watching it as well and that it scans all generations.

“If your kids and grandkids have access to a Wi-Fi point, it is not if they find it, it’s when they find it,” he said. “This is just part of their reality.”

Plank said he hopes those who watch the documentary will have an understanding of the effects pornography can have on a person.

“This organization is all about changing the conversation about pornography,” he said. “We want to do something that helps our community and helps individuals within that community.”

Renew Hope is an organization within the Circle of Care for Families, and Carpenter said this issue does lead to human trafficking but also has an impact on families.

“If it is not affecting a person directly, it could be indirectly through a relative, friend or somebody close to them,” Carpenter said.

Plank said representatives from Fight the New Drug would be at the screening, and there will be a question-and-answer session after the screening.

Although the screening is free, Plank is asking that those interested to register at before attending.

Plank said the screening is open to the public.