Valley City Council considers pay raise

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, September 25, 2019

VALLEY — The mayor and city council members in Valley who are sworn into office following the 2020 municipal election will receive pay increases over what present city officials are making, provided the current council approves an ordinance that’s being considered.

On Monday, the council held the first reading of a proposed ordinance that would increase the mayor’s pay to $1,500 per month and council members to $1,100 a month. The ordinance could be approved following a second reading at the next meeting on Thursday, Oct. 10.

At present, the Valley mayor makes $1,000 a month and council members $800 a month. The council took similar action in 2015.

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The Lanett City Council took similar action earlier this year raising the mayor’s salary from $350 a month to $1,500 with council members being raised from $200 to $700 a month.

The ordinance being considered in Valley would allow the mayor and council members to be covered by the city’s health insurance plan, provided that the cost of the insurance be deducted from their monthly pay.

The action being taken by both councils is permitted under Section 11-43-2 of the Alabama State Code.

Also, at the Oct. 10 meeting, the council is likely to act on a gunfire ordinance in the city. A first reading will likely be taking place on a proposed ordinance.

A committee appointed by the mayor has been studying the ordinance for the purpose of potentially prohibiting gunfire in residential areas. There would be exceptions for law enforcement-related actions, self-defense, etc.