Thank you to local florists

Published 6:17 pm Friday, February 14, 2020

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We hope that all of our readers took the opportunity to show their significant other that they care about them on Friday, whether it be through flowers, chocolates or just dinner.

And if for some reason you didn’t, we’re sure a lot of local stores will have the candy and chocolate on sale today. Maybe it’s not too late.

One group of local residents is probably taking a deep breath this morning — local florists. They spend months getting ready for Valentines Day, one of their busiest weeks of the year.

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We’re sure some people order early, but many others — and probably even most — order late, thinking of Valentines Day at the last minute.

Unfortunately, that’s just human nature.

Yet, just about all of our flower orders end up getting filled.

In a cool, unexpected twist, three of our local florists are celebrating significant anniversaries this year too.

The House of Flowers, located off Highway 29 in the Langdale community, is having its 50th Valentine’s Day this year. Floral Expressions on Trammell Avenue in Valley is having its 30th Valentine’s Day, and Pat’s Creations, located in the historic Masonic Hall building in Langdale, is having its 25th Valentine’s Day.

All three of those businesses should be extremely proud of that kind of success, which is a testament to the good work they’ve done over the years.

Obviously, floral shops aren’t just focused around Valentines Day, but it is one of the few times of the year where everyone is looking to buy flowers at the same time.

We thank the men and women who spent countless hours preparing bouquets and arrangements for the people in our community. It’s a large undertaking, and we’re lucky to have dedicated people in their area that are willing to take it on.