Valley couple commended for work done cleaning up yard

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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VALLEY — A Valley couple has cleaned up their yard two weeks after being told they either do it themselves or the city would clean it up and send them the bill.

Miguel and Kim Llorens were back at city hall for Monday’s council meeting not knowing what to expect but found out the city was impressed with the work they’ve completed so far.

The council took no action to abate a nuisance, clean up the yard and then bill them for it. Instead, they were commended on doing good work in being within city codes. They are not completely out of the woods as they still have to put up a privacy fence from the side of their house to the back of their property.

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Two weeks ago, the council voted 5-2 to give them two weeks to clean up their yard. The two no votes wanted it done immediately.

Mr. and Mrs. Llorens asked to be put on the agenda for the Monday meeting to discuss what the past two weeks have been like for them. Kim thanked the five members of the council for giving them more time. She said that she and Miguel had gone through a lot over the past two weeks.

Miguel, she said, had had a medical emergency during the two-week period. That left Kim and their four children the task of cleaning up the yard to the city’s satisfaction.

“He had been working 17 hours a day,” she said.

With him being very limited in what he can do, that left a massive clean-up job to Kim and the girls.

Mrs. Llorens added that she felt things may have been taking a turn for the better when city inspector Reid Riley came to their home and told them he was seeing a remarkable transformation.

Mayor Leonard Riley said that he had been firm with Miguel two weeks ago because he attempted to speak at the council meeting without being on the agenda. Miguel then thanked the mayor for the city having given them some knockout roses.

“They will beautify our yard,” he said. “We thank you for doing that.”

When Reid Riley was asked to discuss the issue, he presented before and after photos on the video boards inside the council chamber.

“They have moved a lot of stuff,” he said. “The yard looks much better. They have worked hard on cleaning it up, but more needs to be done.”

Council Member Jim Clark asked about the backyard.

“It still needs a little more work,” Riley said. “They have told me they will put up a privacy fence. That should get them back in compliance with city ordinances.”

Riley suggested two or three weeks time to have it done. Mayor Riley said a full month would be okay, and the council agreed.