Teachers are truly heroes

Published 7:06 am Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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The world has changed a lot in the last few months.

Our living rooms have become workspaces, workout areas and classrooms, as most of us continue to shelter ourselves to avoid getting COVID-19. The things that were once routine are no longer that way.

Many of you know that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week, which seems fitting during this troubling time. It takes an amazing person to devote a lifetime to informing and teaching the next generation, especially given all that teachers have to deal with.

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As well all know, teachers are not just instructors who stand up in front of a whiteboard all day. They serve as mentors, role models, counselors and oftentimes can take on a parent-type role in a child’s life. Teachers often spend more time with students than they do with their families during the school year.

A good teacher leaves an imprint on all of us. We all remember that one teacher who inspired us or who worked hard to ensure we became all we were destined to be.

Everyone agrees that teachers should be paid more, need community and administrative support, and spent countless hours ensuring the next generation is prepared to move on to the next grade.

It’s a thankless profession in a constantly changing world. Oftentimes, the way teachers have to instruct students changes on a dime, as government and state-level guidance interferes. But, they adjust.

They adjust to technology, which has changed the way many longtime teachers give their lessons. Gone are the old overhead projectors.

They’ve been replaced by tablets in every student’s hands.

Decades ago there was less concern about security in our schools. Now, teachers have to be ready for the worst-case scenario.

Teachers are the first line of defense when something bad is happening at home. They often recognized signs in their students when something isn’t right.

In today’s environment, they have completely transformed how they are instructing. Many have taken materials to students’ homes or moved everything to a virtual space where students can still learn.

They are truly heroes, underpaid and underappreciated heroes.

Thank you teachers.