Recognizing Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

Published 6:43 am Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Every month seemingly has a special cause that it represents. October, known for recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness, might be the most familiar of all of them.

We are approaching the middle of August and the city of LaFayette is already looking to September, which is designated as Ovarian and Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month.

Mayor Barry Moody started the Monday council meeting by asking the council to approve a proclamation to make September the month of Ovarian and Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month.

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Linda Parker, who lives in LaFayette and works for the Spencer Cancer Center in Opelik,a was on hand for the proclamation.

“I want to tell you how much this means. I’ve lived in LaFayette for 18 years, and I’m so proud to be a community member of LaFayette,” Parker said. “It is estimated that 98,000 women will be diagnosed with gynecological cancer and 30,000 will die [yearly].

It’s in honor of the survivors, but it’s also to bring awareness, and that’s what the teal bows do. They make people ask questions. Teal is the color for GYN cancers. Anything we can do, to help women realize the importance of screening. Early detection is everything.”

In a time when everything revolves around COVID-19, we cannot forget about the many other deadly medical conditions that we still face.

Cancer in its many forms is one that affects many Americans, young and old.

To see a small community such as LaFayette embrace this cause and do so early is just another reason why Chambers County is such a special place.