FERGUSON: The people’s house, not Pelosi’s house

Published 10:57 am Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Last week, in consultation with Speaker Pelosi, the Office of the Attending Physician issued a new mask mandate for the House of Representatives.

Curiously, as if the virus disappears somewhere between the two sides of the Capitol, this mandate does not apply to the United States Senate.

Simply put, the latest mask guidance flies in the face of logic and science. Democrats have created a rallying cry around “following the science,” but haven’t bothered to determine whether it’s credible. In fact, they are basing their new mask mandate on a 100-person study from India that failed peer-review and was based on vaccines that aren’t approved in America.

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This faulty, misleading data is sending dangerous mixed messages to the American people.

Enough is enough. Folks don’t want to live in fear of more lockdowns, shuttered businesses, and school closures.

My Republican colleagues and I are committed to restoring freedom and power to the American people. This isn’t Speaker Pelosi’s House.

This is the People’s House, and we all have to fight back against this hypocrisy.

Last Wednesday night, House Democrats voted to fund elective abortions in foreign countries with American taxpayer dollars.

I am disgusted that these are the priorities of the House Democratic Majority and saddened by their campaign against the Hyde Amendment and the Mexico City policy, which protects federal dollars from funding abortions around the world.

I was proud to vote against this awful bill and will always stand against the tragedy of abortion. Make no mistake: The Hyde Amendment saves lives, and we must always protect and defend the sanctity of human life.

Last week, a bipartisan amendment I cosponsored based on my bill, the Fair and Open Skies Act, was passed during the consideration of an Appropriations Package.

This legislation seeks to preclude new foreign airlines from operating to and from the United States when they exploit “flags of convenience” to avoid the regulations of their home countries or otherwise undermine labor standards.

My amendment will protect American jobs, ensure the safety of the flying public, and stop foreign carriers from circumventing the rules and undercutting their competition.