Commission votes to vacate undeveloped subdivision

Published 11:52 am Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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The Chamber County Commission unanimously approved a resolution to vacate the undeveloped Millou Subdivision lots and roads off of Highway 50, near Greenwood Valley Baptist Church. With this resolution, the land previously dedicated to the creation of a new subdivision will be allocated back to the owners of the property.  

During the work session preceding the commission meeting, Chambers County Attorney Skip McCoy said that the decision to develop this land into a subdivision was made over 50 years ago but that none of the planned parcels were sold out and developed. 

“The Millou subdivision was created back in 1971 beside Greenwood Baptist Church off of Highway 50,” McCoy said, “Since then it has never been fully developed and the property owners are requesting to vacate the land.”

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Despite the fact that the land has not been developed, the previous dedication of the land has restricted what the landowners have been able to do with their property. McCoy noted that with the passage of the resolution, the land dedicated to roads and development would be  fully reallocated to the four families who own the property.

“When a subdivision is approved, the proposal has roadways that are cut for potential development. With that filing, the owners dedicate the land needed for those roadways to the county,” McCoy said. “[the families] are requesting that the subdivision and also three of the roadways be vacated for the purposes of allowing this land to go back into a property maintenance. This would allow them to go in and change the use of the property to better commensurate with how it is actually being used.”

McCoy noted that some of the parcels of land had been developed and that some roads had already been created, but that they would not be included in the vacation.

“[The land] is really just a rural area, but there have been a couple of parcels that have actually been developed,” McCoy said.  “Those families would be excluded from the vacation; it would only affect the undeveloped land.”

After a brief discussion in the commission meeting, a motion was made to approve the resolution to vacate the lots, and the commission approved the motion unanimously.