Cam Dooley wins Athlete of the Week for his performance

Published 10:28 am Wednesday, September 6, 2023

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Cam Dooley wins athlete of the week for having stellar play in one of the biggest games of the year in Chambers County. 

The Lanett and Valley rivalry is a chance for players from each team to make a name for themselves and write their legacy in Chambers County. Dooley did that and more on Friday night. 

Dooley finished the game with 120 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, two rushing touchdowns, five solo tackles and 3 assisted tackles. 

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Dooley and the rest of the Rams were ready to prove something to the community on Friday. 

“It’s a big rivalry game,” Dooley said. “People all over social media be talking. Us as a team had the mentality that we were going to show the fans that we can play.” 

Dooley said that the team heard the noise from Lanett’s players, alumni, cheerleaders and the entire community. 

Dooley did not go into the game expecting to take over. Once he got  going, Dooley knew he could have a special night for his team. 

“Once I got that first one, I knew I had to get more,” Dooley said. 

Dooley stepped up and led Valley’s offense through the air and on the ground. 

“He ran the ball well, and he threw the ball well,” Head Coach Adam Hunter said. “That was key for him.” 

Dooley played just about every snap on both sides of the ball. That is something that he has learned to take pride in, and he wants to be the team’s leader on both sides of the ball. 

“I’ve got to be a leader,” Dooley said. “I’ve gotta have that dog in me  at safety, and I’ve got to stay focused at quarterback.” 

Fans are used to seeing players playing on both sides of the football during highschool, but it’s rarely done at the next level. 

This past Saturday, fans across the country marveled at Travis Hunter playing on both sides for Colorado. That type of performance could open up new avenues for elite athletes at each level. 

“I really look forward to playing both ways,” Dooley said. “I don’t really think I’m at the level he’s at right now. I may just have to focus on one.”

Dooley did an excellent job of spreading the wealth on Friday. Dooley had several completions to Jay Harper, and he had touchdown passes to Ian Crim-Davis and Brandon Thomas. 

Spreading the football around is something that Dooley does intentionally. He wants to get all of his guys to have film so that they can have the opportunity to play at the next level. He also has built great relationships with each of his wideouts. 

“I’m very proud,” Dooley said. “Everyone did great. Them playing great made me play great. We wouldn’t win that game without the others around me.” 

Dooley is not just a star player for the football team. At this point, everyone knows that he is also one of the stars that helped lead Valley to the 5A state championship in basketball last season. 

Dooley is currently committed to Missouri to play football at the next level, but football has not always been his primary sport. 

“In the past, it’s been basketball,” Dooley said. “God told me otherwise. I’ve been focusing in on football.” 

Dooley takes pride in being the leader of the team, and that’s something that the coaching staff has noticed as well. 

“All the kids gravitate towards him,” Hunter said. “If Cam’s doing good , everybody’s doing good.” 

Valley will go on the road this week to face a tough region opponent in Beauregard. 

Dooley knows that he will have to produce again this week. 

Dooley said that Hunter has been preaching to the team on the importance of this game. 

To build on this performance Dooley has set several goals for himself and the rest of the team. He wants to continue being the leader, keep his teammates involved, make it to the playoffs and bring a state championship to Valley.