Valley citizen complains of rain runoff issue

Published 11:00 am Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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VALLEY — A Valley resident complained to the city council on Monday that some recent road projects in the city has caused storm water runoffs to drain into his property. Adolphus Gooden, who lives on King Road, said that when it’s raining the water comes straight off the road into his yard, sometimes flooding it. He said he was worried about it affecting the foundation to his home.

Mayor Leonard Riley told Gooden that the city is aware of the problem and is trying to take care of it.

He asked Public Works Director Patrick Bolt to talk about what’s being done to alleviate this situation

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Bolt said that part of the problem is coming from a new cul de sac that was built off King Road onto the Burney site, which the city owns and is planning to develop. The runoff problem was affecting Mr. Gooden’s property when the bonding layer went down first. “The rain water was going across it and getting into his yard,” Bolt said. “When the top layer went on it better directs the water flow into drainage inlets.”

Another factor is that King Road was recently paved. This could contribute to water flowing into Gooden’s yard.

“There’s some kind of elevation problem with these roads,” Gooden said. “It’s causing water to flow into my yard. This needs to be fixed. My main complaint is the it has washed crusher run into my yard.”

“We know we have a problem there, and we will take care of it,” Riley said, asking for Gooden’s patience and understanding.

“I want this fixed,” Gooden said. “It’s destroying my property.”