Rule No. 1: Always follow the money

Published 1:29 pm Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dear Editor:

A recent study by the Sunlight Foundation has found a method to determine how much power corporations command in Washington. The foundation began with the 200 corporations most active in Washington, analyzing the years 2007-2012. They factored in what the companies got in federal contracts and other federal support, what they spent on lobbying, and how much their executives and political action committees gave in campaign contributions.

The study found that the top 200 corporations accounted for nearly $6 billion in lobbying and campaign contributions. Those same corporations benefitted from more than $4.4 trillion in federal contracts and assistance. That $4.4 trillion total represents two-thirds of the $6.5 trillion individual taxpayers paid to the federal treasury. The study also  found that, on average, for every dollar spent on influencing politics, the nation’s most politically active corporations  received $760 from the government.

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While Americans’ median wealth is down 43 percent since 2007, Congress members’ net worth has jumped 28 percent.

How in the name of decency can our members of Congress represent our interests when most of them are stuffing their pockets with obscene amounts of money? They need to be replaced with candidates who put our interests ahead of thier own.


Kathy Berwick

Pell City, Alabama