Vehicle used in theft recovered

Published 12:24 pm Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The vehicle used in the recent break-in and theft at Givorns in Valley has been recovered by law enforcement authorities in the Atlanta area, Valley Police Chief Tommy Weldon has confirmed.

“It was recovered over the weekend,” he said. “It will be processed and that could help us identify the suspect.Hopefully, we will get some evidence out of it.”

Chief Weldon informed members of the Valley City Council of this latest development at Monday evening’s meeting. The truck, a 1999 Dodge Ram, was reported stolen in the metro Atlanta area shortly before the 3 a.m. crash and grab incident on November 21. Two suspects made off with an ATM machine during the break in.

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The truck was heavily damaged in the incident, having sustained damage to both the front and the rear. The vehicle was first backed into the building to gain entry, then was driven out and a second entry was made going forward.