December 25, 2017 or close anyway!

Published 9:16 am Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Well Hello Huguley folks, I am so glad you chose to drop by today. I don’t know yet what day my column is going to find a forever home; we can hope it will settle down pretty soon so we can know when to look for it. But, for now, just stay tuned and show up every day to look for us. We will get here as often as we can.

I hope you all had a great Christmas over the weekend. I hope your health was decent, your friends, even better and the food even better than that. Christmas isn’t always a great time for everyone. It can be very depressing to folks that have no one to be around, no money for a big meal and gifts, and no one to be around. Please be aware of folks if you think they happen to be in that boat. You might be all they need that day. If you can help, please do. If you really are looking for something that will make a difference in someone’s life, consider donating your time and efforts to groups or agencies that always are looking for volunteers.

I have several things for you to enjoy today, so settle down with all your new goodies and toys or whatever and just relax with the paper.

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Lanett Masonic Lodge #656 and family and friends gathered at the lodge last week for a delightful gathering. It was basically a Christmas event as we seldom have time for just fellowshipping. After enjoying a great meal and fellowship the lodge presented Carey Baldwin with a 25-year pin and certificate present in the picture are Carey Baldwin and his wife Marla and the Master of the Lodge Barry Smith. Attending the meeting meal and celebration was Dana and Frank Noon, Paula Smith, Jamie and Sharon Pearson, Jack and Susan Wood, Harold Brown, Carey and Marla Baldwin, Eddie and Debbie Holloway, Billy and Linda Martin, Matthew Humphrey, Barry Smith, Bobby Johnson, Willard and Susan Eason, Walter Blackmon, Dale and Tina Wentz. I was a very nice gathering of old and new friends and we hope we can do it again. Carey and Marla Baldwin and Barry Smith in photo.

The Happy Citizens group from Happy Valley Baptist got together for their regular meeting recently. The crowd was a little slim, but, it doesn’t really matter to us. It was a good meeting anyway. Attending were Willard Eason, Faye Tines, Jerry and Jerry Carmack, Jack and Sue Nolen, Bob and Jeri Younger.

Adult 2 class from Happy Valley Baptist got together for their Christmas outing by enjoying supper at Western Sizzling before heading out to see several sections of the Opelika/Auburn area and their take on Christmas decorating. Among some of the areas we visited were …The Camelot area, some of the grand big homes and communities. On the way back from the area we stopped at several areas locally that are pretty much known for their Christmas decorations. Lots of side streets, Cleveland Road, we went by the closed for the evening merry go round… we toured the Shawmut circle community…  before heading back to Huguley. Everyone enjoyed the lights and music… It was a great time, even though it started out with a rainy beginning but ended really well. We did find out that nearing Christmas is never too late in the year to eat ice cream! Making the trip were Adult 2 Sunday School teacher Tedric and Jackie Colley, Faye Tines, Susan and Willard Eason, June White, Jeanette Tilley, Pearl Taunton, and William Bailey.

McClure family Christmas gathering took place at Chris and Pam Cummings Allen’s home on Dec 16th. McClure sisters Vickie Atkisson, Elaine Rhodes and Pam McClure Allen and families gathered at Pam McClure Allen’s son Chris Allen’s home to celebrate Christmas together Saturday evening.  Ever year they celebrate with family and enjoy an old family tradition of John Render “Pappy” McClure’s famous home-made eggnog.  He would fix it every year on Christmas and invite friends from work and family to come share a cup with him.  Chris Allen, being his grandson, was given Pappy’s recipe and he has been continuing this tradition since his grandmother passed away several years ago.  After the eggnog, everyone sat down to a homemade Mexican buffet together. Then everyone enjoyed playing dirty Santa and opening gifts. Afterwards a few went to ride the Merry Go Round in Valley, Alabama. Those attending include:  George and Pam McClure Allen, son Chris and Pam Cummings Allen and grandson Eric Allen and friend Christina; daughter Tracy Taylor and Steve Manley, grandson Kris Manley, great-grandchildren Charlie Skinner-Truitt, and Eryn Truitt, granddaughter Cheryl Sands and Hunter Johnson, great-grandchildren Aubree and Matthew Johnson; granddaughter Jennifer Chavez and BJ Wallace, great-granddaughter Marlie Chavez, all from Lanett, Alabama.  Vickie Atkisson, daughter Jessica Bryant and grandson Tyler Bryant from Alpine, Alabama.  Guy and Elaine Rhodes from Opelika, Alabama, daughter and son in law Merry and Buddy Cuervo from Smith Station, Alabama.

Happy Valley Baptist Staff/Deacon Christmas Dinner was held at Sue’s Chik last weekend. Dinner was @ Sue’s Chik in Fairfax. Robin & Whit Bradley did a great job on the food. The menu consisted of baked BBQ chicken, green bean casserole, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, Red velvet cake, & Lemon cake.John & Lori Samanie, Cameron & Lauren, Lance Carter & his daughter Ashley, Cal & Lori Harrell, Jacob & Jade Letson, Rusty & Tracie Newton, Mitch, Nancy, & Hannah Hamilton, Ron & Gina Sanders, Pam, Wayne, Rebecca, & Gage Howard, Josh, Jennifer, & Josh Gosdin, William & Marie Peacock, and Lee McBride. Lee McBride spoke & had us all in stitches with remembrances of growing up in the South. He concluded with a word of encouragement to continue the Kingdom work God has called us to do. Sounds like a great evening altogether.

Happy Valley Baptist church members and friends got together last week for a church wide caroling trip. Everyone got with their group and headed out in different directions all over the valley as we spread our own version of Christmas cheer. It was as much fun for the carolers as it was to our members whose homes we visited. We won’t list the names of the folks we visited, but, the carolers were Lance, Amber, and Ashley Carter, Lauren Samanie, Bubba and JJ Jones, Kim Jennings, AJ Hadaway, Amy Newby, Marie Peacock, Pearl Taunton, Jeanette Tilley, Gracie Peacock, Angel & Dave Marie, Greg Shaver. Ron and Gina Sanders, John Samanie, Susan Eason, Justin Graben, Josh, Jennifer and Logan Gosdin, Pam and Rebecca Howard, Mandy and Wendy Webb, Margaret Webb, Alex, and Dixie and Kasey. I sure hope I got everyone. The rain was not really a deterrent, but, shoes surely did get a good soaking!

Well, I am closing out I sure wish I could hear how things are going in your neck of the woods. I miss hearing from you guys! Won’t you consider sending your news in to me so folks that do not have access to Facebook can read about your comings and goings? Call me at 706-773-6550 or shoot me a text, Messenger me or shoot me an email to  I would love to get something from YOU! Let me hear from you Take care and have a great week.