Development Authority set to announce new projects

Published 9:17 am Thursday, December 28, 2017

LANETT – Good news is coming for both the cities of Lanett and Valley as the Chambers County Development Authority announced that they are finalizing a deal that will bring a major industry expansion and new distribution center to Chambers County. It’s a unique joint venture that will see the creation of dozens of high paying jobs, along with substantial capital investment. Codenamed Project Sunrise and Project Scramble, the announcement comes after more than a year of work on the combined endeavor.

“This is a unique opportunity for the Development Authority to work with two of our municipalities to provide much-needed support and infrastructure for an existing industry,” said CCDA Executive Director Valerie Gray. “One of our existing companies presented a need and challenge and our municipalities rose to the occasion by partnering to solve the issue, and in the process, bringing substantial benefits, including jobs and investment, to both entities and all of Chambers County.”

The projects involve a single company, but the scope of each project differs substantially. Codenames for the projects will continue to be used until final details have been decided by the company and local and state officials.

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Project Scramble will be located in the new Valley Industrial Park and will include a 375,000-square foot facility owned by developers Scannell Properties #319, LLC, which will be leased back to the industry. It involves the creation of 40-45 new jobs and a capital investment of $16.5 million. Project Sunrise is located in Lanett and will bring the creation of 15 new jobs with a capital investment of more than $7 million.

Both projects represent continued diversification of Chambers County’s industrial base and the CCDA’s objective of increasing wages for the area.

“When one of our industries announces an expansion, it’s not just a testament to their strength as a company, it’s a continued investment in our community that trickles down many levels, from tax revenue to our schools, to new jobs, to higher wages, all of which stimulate and grow our economy,” said Lanett Mayor Kyle McCoy. “We are thrilled with this new announcement and are grateful to Valerie Gray and the CCDA staff for their hard work and effort on this unique project.”

“Over the past several months, we’ve been looking for the right fit as the first company to locate in the new Valley Industrial Park, and our interactions with Scannell Properties have demonstrated that they are a world class developer and would prove to be good fit to the City of Valley,” Mayor Leonard Riley said. “We are excited to be able to take part in this partnership and bring another strong and reputable industry into our city.”

“Our staff has worked very hard this year,” Gray added, “and this is an exciting way to close out 2017. It sets the table for what we expect to be a prosperous 2018.”