Huguley News: In the throes of January

Published 11:36 am Monday, January 8, 2018

Ok folks we are in the throes of January now so it is time to settle down and get back to business. If you made New Year’s resolutions I hope they have still got a chance. It is after all about a week or so! Folks don’t always adhere to the resolutions they make at the beginning of January, so I hope you are doing better than that. Hang in there, I have resolutions I made that will require some nocturnal help. But, that is another story.

Friends from Happy Valley Baptist Church got together for a night of volleyball and goodies on New Day’s Eve, followed by some bonfire time and fireworks! The members who choose to play volleyball get together on Tuesday evenings for some Volleyball practice. They meet in the gym for their workouts. Sunday evening they chose to invite the rest of the church that wanted  to join them for some play, snacks and fellowship. It wasn’t a huge crowd that joined them, but those that did, brought stadium seats, blankets, a thermos of coffee and fireworks. Pooling all the firepower really made for a great show. For the most part the entire show went off without a hitch. Only a couple got sideways before they blew but, the guys were able to get away from the wayward colored discs. One of the young guys thought it would be funny to play a practical joke on one of the older overly bundled up ladies huddled around the fire pit. He lit a dud and dropped it sorta close to her feet. But, having been around fireworks before that evening, she recognized the dud for what it was and they all laughed it off. No one wanted to see how fast an old lady could chase the young man! It was a lot of fun. I did not however get the names of everyone that was there. We left before the midnight hour got too close and went home for a hot cup of Joe and a blanket in front of the fire while we waited for the ball to fall at Times Square! Five minutes after midnight we were in the bed. Happy New Year! Thanks John and Lori for hosting the event! We might have stayed to bring in the New Year with John and Lori, since it was the new year, but, it was also their anniversary and we just decided to leave them with the fire, and the remembrance that a lot of friends really wanted to wish them a Happy Anniversary!

I would love to hear how you finished out the year. We heard fireworks all around us. We have a huge red hound dog that we have had for a couple of years now. We cannot beg or prod him into wanting to come inside the house. But he came inside without being coerced Sunday night. In fact he came in twice during the night and even crated himself to try to escape the noise. Poor big baby. I felt sorry for him. But he apparently loves cold weather. I haven’t been able to get him to come inside during this bad cold snap. But, he has a heated crate and blankets and food and water, so I think he will be fine.

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I always have room for your things. I would appreciate it more that you know. Stay warm friends!!

Well, one of my New Year’s resolutions has bitten the dust in 3 days! Rats! Maybe the other 5 will fare better. I wrote them down this year so the notepad can be a constant reminder. Maybe that will help.

Can I ask a general question here? Just as a point of interest, I was wondering about something I saw the other day. Willard and I were at a local business that has signs posted about a dress code that they enforce in their store. It is plainly posted outside the establishment. We saw some youth I think (based on their attire) to come to the door, alter their clothing so it did NOT conform to the posted signage and try to enter the store. When told they couldn’t enter they got all huffy and wanted to act up. WHY? Do people just try to antagonize folks? Someone could have been hurt very badly just because someone was looking for a fight. Why can’t folks just behave? Rant over. I am glad nothing else happened though.

If you would like to have your family gathering printed in the paper from during the Christmas holiday, I would be proud to use it here in the next couple of weeks. Just give me a call. Well, I am closing out I sure wish I could hear how things are going in your neck of the woods. I miss hearing from you guys! Won’t you consider sending your news in to me so folks that do not have access to Facebook can read about your comings and goings? Call me at 706-773-6550 or shoot me a text, Messenger me or shoot me an email to  I would love to get something from YOU! Let me hear from you. Take care and have a great week. Have a Happy New Year!