Lanett road crews work to repair city streets

Published 9:52 am Wednesday, January 31, 2018

There was a traffic delay on Highway 29 in Lanett Tuesday morning as an Alabama Department of Transportation work crew repaired a weak spot in the road.

According to Lanett Planning and Development Director Tony Chandler, a depression, or “dip,” was starting to form in the northbound right lane. Chandler explained that part of an old culvert several feet below the road had collapsed.

“We know of four of these culverts that cross the highway,” he said.

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Each of these concrete structures is about 10 feet tall and four feet wide. They were built many years ago by the West Point Manufacturing Company to direct the water flow from heavy rains from the Lanett mill village, across Highway 29, the mill property and the railroad to the Chattahoochee River. Chandler said the walls and the floor of the culvert were still in good shape but that part of its top had started to give way.

It was firmed up by the ALDOT crew, and the hole filled back in. The traffic flow was back to normal Tuesday afternoon. Chandler wants the public to understand that this problem did not take place due to anything the city is responsible for (gas, water,etc.) and had nothing to do with the demolition work going on at the mill site. Had the culvert completely collapsed, it would make this part of the highway vulnerable to flash flooding.

“The water would back up every time it rains,” Chandler said. “We’d have more problems than we ever have.”