Langdale boat landing open, Shawmut still needs work

Published 10:52 am Monday, January 29, 2018

VALLEY — The Langdale boat landing on the Chattahoochee River is now open to fishermen, but the landing in Shawmut needs some more work and remains closed for the time being.

With kayak fishing become more popular, there were many vehicles parked at the Langdale landing on Saturday. With the access road to the site having been recently paved, it’s a much smoother ride to the site than before.

Something new on the site is a shelter on a concrete pad, which is located near the rock grill.

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In recent public meetings, Chambers County Highway Department Engineer Josh Harvill and Valley Mayor Leonard Riley apologized for the landings being closed for an extended period. Weather was a factor in this at both the Shawmut and Langdale sites.

The Langdale site needed some dressing up, or leveling, work on the right side of the new pavement going toward the launch ramp. The left side of the road, bordering the river, has been seeded for grass. It has been marked off by yellow tape.

People are being asked to stay out of this area to give the new grass a chance to grow. A good grass covering will help keep the bank area from eroding into the river.

The big problem in Shawmut is that the former airport site is in a floodplain, and water doesn’t drain well from the big open field. The area needs to dry out some before the access road to the site can be paved.