New programs in the community

Published 10:55 am Thursday, January 11, 2018

HELLO THERE communities: we have new programs for your enjoyment. The men of Open Door Fellowship United Center, Inc. has a Male Presentation. The men will be presenting a special time in prayer. The program will have 1,000 Men In Prayer in this program, Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 11 a.m. EST. The Guest Speaker: Elder Reginald Dunn. Women are invited and please be there supporting this program. Theme: Confess your faults one to another and pray for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much-. James 5:16. The Event is near so prepare and be ready!

FERGUSON CHAPEL CME Church, Opelika, AL is inviting the community to come and join them in their Annual Matron’s Celebration to be held Sunday, January, 21, 2018 at 2:00 PM. The honored special guest: Pearlie Gibson to bring greeting from St. Stephens CME. Presiding of the Matrons’ Julia R Nelms. Host Pastor: Rev. Leo Douglass.

PLEASE HONOR, love, and praise to: dear Old Miles College. Miles College extends New Year cheer to all Miles College students. Miles College Office of President. Miles College is a valuable economic engine in our community generating substantial economic returns year after year. Support Miles College today!

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THERE IS inward feeling that living an honest trueful, life you will have natural blessings. Are you to put forth your best efforts today?  Surely the communities are endeavoring to gain strength in order to have better communities as the people grow in this changing society of Natural and True Resources. They have presented special programs to tower upward in the New Year of 2018. The Governmental Leaders and others of leadership have planned growth for 2018, and see growth in the future years. If you keep on believing in living in truth and honesty. This growth will come natural and obedience. Many were puzzled on how things for come natural and they are fitting perfectly for the growth of the world. Because the world is operating on natural resources that are “Provided for Life”. Some of these natural resources are power of coal, oil, and power of water. Also, there are resources of the physical universe. Physically some are systemized knowledge, including biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Students in class tell the teachers about what comes natural! Things come natural are not man made. Then where did natural performances come from? Who made natural resources? Ok! Natural means inmate and real; inmate means inborn (on the inside), example the beborn, born in or spirit or natural.  (God’s product) even the doctors. Natural does not mean that natural is manmade. Real means natural. That natural physical origin is made by God. So, serve Him.

HEY THERE Readers! Many use the word natural without giving a clear thought to where the natural resources come from to help the world live and grow… a touching speech was called “I Am Real and Natural”. Happy to say one who has been very ill, especially here lately.. And the congregation was happy to see him return. He participated in the Service at his church, St. Stephens CME, Sunday, January 7, 2018. He had joy because he had recovered and could participate as usual. He prayed and talked in the devotional and spirit hit him, then he arose the with a special praise.  Then he explained about the recovering of his illness, how strong he had become and he thought he wouldn’t. then the happiness spread throughout the sanctuary of what he was making known when he kept on saying I am real today; I am happy: because it is real and natural. He said so many good things.. Rev. Joe McGhee gave great thanks to the Lord and seriously encouraged the congregation to also do so… Thank the Lord for all blessings in 2018.. He made the words; real and natural have specific meanings. The music for the service was good.

**DID YOU know the Missionary Society is and has planned some cute performances along with fundraising for people to volunteer sing and talk and give your donation… She had a meeting on this. This is a program that will lead to different segments, beginning this coming Sunday, January 14, 2018. This will be arranged for Sundays, therefore each will have time to get prepared to participate in the fundraising event.. (St. Stephens CME Church) Valley, AL. Your interest means so much to the Church!!

THE WATCH night service began at 10 p.m. at the St. Stephens CME, Sunday night, December 31, 2017. They believe there is something special to watch the old year out and the New Year In. the specialty  came to the Watch Night Service, to be thankful, and give testimony  of how they had been blessed healed and their need were supplied in the old year 2017. With singing and testifying from various members. There were heart touching moments.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for the sick and shut ins. May all of you have speedy recoveries.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Delene Madden, Shayla Finley, Jan. 12, Karen Madden, Eric Norris, Mary Hinkle, Jan. 13; Antonio Madden, Makenzie Tucker, Willie Ashford, Charlene Williams, Jamie Andrew, Pete Milner, Edna Williams, Jan. 14; Markis Gibson, Christopher Wilkerson, Daniel Sides, Jan. 15; Shanta Barnes, Esinah Walker, James W. Davis, Linda Burton, Jan 16; Clayton Gibson, Jr., Donishia Phillips, Kevin Gordy, Jackie Hutchinson, Ronnie Coker, Danielle Thomas, Jan. 17; Jessica Monroe, Norman Glaze, Tim Vontae Walker, Shane Franks, Jan 18. May all of you have many more.

WE ARE wishing to two of you a sparkling life, full of love and happiness on your Wedding Anniversary to:  Mr. and Mrs. James and Artancy Davis, January 14. Have a blessed future.

THE MONTH is noted for: New Year’s Day, Jan. 1; Georgia Legislative Season begins, Jan. 8; Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday, Jan. 15; GAE Board of Directors Meeting, Jan. 19 and 20; GAE PTL Conference, Jan. 26 and 27; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Jan. 19.

IT IS time to file income taxes!!

HOPEFULLY THE celebrants are coming back to a normal schedule. Well, the children opened this week Jan. 8, 2018 with school, though the ice chilled weather has warmed up. But, during the ice chilled weather with cold wind ripping through the air didn’t stop the sports of schools from one place to another. Including: Alabama, Georgia of several cities participating from time to time…. These teams were determined through cold weather. LaFayette’s basketball teams, Valley’s basketball teams, (boys and girls). Lanett’s teams and opponents played very well. The teams were hard playing children. They were great!

EVEN THE colleges were inspiring in their determinations. Alabama is known as the best college football team in the country. Special congratulations to Alabama they received exactly what they deserved. To Coach Nick Saban, you have always done a beautiful job because you understand parents and children. You also understand when these boys mean well in their hearts and their playing. The Best Coach-Nick Saban. I have been enjoying your games for several years.

OOPS! WHAT did all the people say? We are going to do better in 2018. In behavior, homework, no guns at school, “God is Love”, please make good choices, because bad choices bring: destructive of health, income, progress, happiness, disobedience, no peace, tearing up homes.. etc.

HAVE A good week.