Sisters With a Purpose hold January meeting

Published 10:32 am Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sisters With a Purpose of West End Baptist held their January meeting in the church tea room. Hostesses Beverly Story and Bobbie Holley served a comfort food meal of Taco Soup and Vegetable soup with cornbread, crackers, cheese, and sour cream and added Oreo Delight and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. After the blessing was asked by Donna Downs, the group enjoyed eating and fellowship before going into the business portion of the meeting.

President, Molly Kiser, called the meeting to order and called on LeAnn McCullars to read the minutes of the last meeting.  Reports were given on the success of the Christian Service Center Toy Store held at West End in November which was a tremendous success, as well as, Christmas project reports. Ashley Hudmon read the missionaries having birthdays on that day followed by prayer for them and their special needs.  Beverly Story discussed mission action projects the group had participated in, and announced the project for January, a baby shower for Sav-A-Life on Sunday, Jan. 21. Machelle Hall will be speaking for the morning worship that morning.

With no further business, Molly, then asked for prayer requests and praise reports.  With so much sickness, there were many requests.  Praise reports also were plentiful in spite of the flu season which had a tight grip on the group and the church.  A member had a special prayer need and the group circled her and each one prayed for her need.  This is one of the most special times of SWAP.

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Bobbie Holley, then began the program by asking “Are you a Zechariah or a Mary?”  Both were instrumental in the birth of Jesus, but had different attitudes.  When Zechariah was told by the angel, Gabriel, that he and Elizabeth would have a son who would be the forerunner of Jesus in their old age he was skeptical.  His answer to Gabriel was “How can I be sure of this”, showing his doubt that God could do it.  On the other hand, Mary, when confronted by Gabriel, said “How will this be”, never doubting that God could, only wondering how He would go about it. She challenged the group that the next time they were bewildered, shocked, and uncertain in life to realize there is nothing God can’t do and to be a Mary.

Those present were: Molly Kiser, Pam French, Helen Scott, Rita Fetner, Donna Downs, LeAnn McCullars, Mandy Mills, Bobbie Holley, Beverly Story, Peggy Harris, Samantha Howard, Ashley Hudmon, and Lula Walls.

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, the Young At Heart of West End met in the church fellowship hall for January Fun day which had taken on a new twist this year “January Fun-lympics”.  As the group gathered they stopped to guess the amount of candy in three jars with the winners being Doodle Bug Turner, Mike Pruitt, and Bruce Lashley.

After a short devotion on being positive in 2018, the group assembled in the gym for the fun-lympics to begin.  Committee members, Floyd Aikens, Doris Lashley, and Sharon Wesson had gotten everything in order for the competitions to begin. Men and women competed in a Frisbee toss and a Nerfball toss with the winners being those who rang the net the most.  Men winning first through third place in their competitions were: Mike Pruitt, Tim Brown, Bruce Lashley, and Joe Foster.  Women winners were: Sharon Wesson, Faith Pruitt, Floy Aikens, and Doris Lashley.

They were all extra hungry as they gathered to eat Taco Soup and Chili with all the fixings, along with lemon bars, Oreo delight, and Strawberry short cake for dessert.  It was a fun filled day and we thank the committee for getting it together for us        

Those attending were: John Reeve, Tim Brown, Doodle Bug Turner, Sharon Wesson, Floyd and Floy Aikens, Bob Paradowski, Joe Foster, Faith Pruitt, Faye Gauntt, Mike Pruitt, Lillian Scott, Jimmy Scott, Joyce Arrington, Doris Lashley, Bruce Lashley, Mae Thompson, Rita Fetner, John and Dot Penn, and leaders, Peggy Harris, Bobbie Holley, and Don Downs.

On Saturday, Jan. 13, the Men’s Ministry of West End Baptist had their monthly breakfast  meeting in the church fellowship hall.  Those attending were: Jerry Walls, Chris Kiser, Karo McCullars, Pastor, Don Downs, Jimmy Holmes, Joe Foster, Bob Paradowski, Jacob Paradowski, Billy Croft, John Penn, Floyd Aikens, Jeff Adams, Charles Harris and guest speaker, Terry Gray, pastor of  The Church on the Rock in West Point, Ga.

The group assembled for a time of prayer and praise reports before turning the program over to special speaker, who was introduced by his brother-in-law, Jerry Walls.

Terry shared how the Lord was calling him to preach, but he was unsure of the call and praying for guidance.  During this time another preacher came to the church and his message was directed straight at Terry and he knew it.  He surrendered to the ministry, but people still discouraged him.  The church was small, only four people attending, but now has 16-20 because of God’s faithfulness.  He learned that keeping God in the center and staying faithful was the answer.

His favorite scripture is John 14 and the promises God makes in these scriptures.  We have to show others who Christ is by our actions, not just by our words so we can lead them to eternal life in Jesus.  Hell was designed for Satan and his followers; Jesus doesn’t want us to go there.

Terry shared how his life was worldly, and filled with drugs and alcohol. He thought he needed to change first before God would accept him, but found that God was the only who could change him and he turned his life over to Him. When he ended up in the emergency room one night with no memory of what had happened, he stopped running and gave his life and problems to God.  He has never looked back.

He concluded by saying that it’s time we stand up together and make some changes in our Christian life and become more dependent on God and willing to serve Him.