Thankful for the new year despite the icy cold weather

Published 9:52 am Thursday, January 4, 2018

HELLO COMMUNITIES and friends in beautiful but icy cold weather. How did you begin your New Year? We are proud and thankful of wonderful and determined leaders. The team and spectators traveled in icy cold weather. These leaders are well represented for schools and your children… standing the year 2018… 2018 is a New Year for all to be happy in. also to make resolution to really live better lives and help others to archive and reach for better ways to behave for greater success in our homes, schools, and in America. Well, Lanett High School, in Lanett, Alabama has done an excellent job in achieving outstanding heights, grade levels, test scores, etc. They are still determined in sports championship. They reached and achieved well in the rankings in South Carolina’s Tournament. And ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, they also continued winning in a tournament in Duluth, Ga. Oh what a great job they performed. Special congratulations to Lanett High School, Coach Carter and all players, for an outstanding approach for your basketball season.

THERE WAS a Christmas Day of Joy presented by the Participants of different communities which is a continuation of an organized Christmas Day program that began 47 years ago, with five churches, at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Also, the profile of 2017 program’s Guest Preacher had an everlasting beginning as he made known to the public his beginning in the Ministry. He started on December’s last days entering a New Year with a New Life. What is a new way to begin a new movement? Resolve to do it, at special time when the time is strikingly upon you!!

WHAT IS it that makes the movement to successful for yourself and for others? At Bethlehem Baptist Church in West Point, Ga., the Rev. W.T. Edmondson gave an outlined message: on Dec. 31, 2017, Subject: “ I Am Ready When You Are”. Some high points of his message were: During the time s when Babylon and Babylonians were put into slavery, they were put into prison because their great armies and fighting from nation to nation. While the Babylonians were in slavery they were given orders of what and how to give. The Babylonians were told to have families, listen to the word of the Lord and learn “how to pray”. Also hold on the God’s unchanging hand. But, you must hear the word of the Lord and learn how to pray. You need to know who is keeping you. The Bible says: The Lord is my Shepard and I shall not want. He makes me lay down in green pastures. Then, suddenly you look up in a situation of which you don’t belong. You can’t do anything about yourself. You don’t know where to turn and etc. there are greedy people now days. This sermon was directional coming from Rev. Edmondson. It pointed to that great hope for a new year. It gave good directional behaviors. He said the lord is righteous and gives us His Word to live by. Why don’t we follow? But he left the striking remembrance of when you pray, wait on the Lord and He will fix it…

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DID YOU catch the spirit of Christmas as the Riverview people did on a month ahead. Riverview enjoyed a time of getting together, down by the riverside, and continued weeks later with a delicious Christmas dinner upon the four stop of Riverview. You can easily tell where joy, love, and peace is found. Because the participating people young and old behave themselves in a beautiful manner. The Riverview’s community displayed well respect from all people. A get together could not beat the excellent conduct of the Riverview people-nowhere in the world. That’s great! And Dec. 24, 2017, Sunday, St. Stephens used the theme: joy, love, and peace for worship service. The youth enjoyed the spirit through the worship service, with Mya Finley Worship Leader. The Male Choir furnished the music. The music was great. The youth was in charge of the program. Then, Rev. Threatts had the massage for the occasion: Subject: “The Joy in the World”. We all should have Joy in this World on the inside of our bodies and on the outside, etc. God has made us a plan for salvation. Then, the delicious Christmas Dinner was served by the Melanie Williams and assistants the day was great

  1. STEPHENS CME continued with the expressions of three words in maintaining a warm Christmas Spirit: “Joy, Love, and Peace”. Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017. Another time to express a touching service for the season. The Praise Team of St. Stephens CME Church furnished music, accompanied with the musicians Charlotte Truitt and Percussionist Rodney Heard. The opening music from the Praise Team. The theme: was mentioned as a time all came for: joy, love, and peace. The Congregational Hymn and Rev. Joe McGhee prayer was chanted with the Lord Prayer. Pastor Threatts used Scripture from: Matthew 1:20-21. His Subject was: “I’m Dreaming of a Right Christmas”. We talked about a white Christmas were the post office is filled with mail, where people receive for Christmas. We also talk about the great number of shoppers who fill the stores for their houses to have Christmas gifts, etc. But what about Jesus? Born in a manger, came so we could have everything.. born to save us, died and came back again. He enfolds us in His love and protects us from Satan He gives us rest when we need Him, He keeps us from danger, He gives us mercy when we need Him, He gives us hope in the middle of distress. I am talking about the same Jesus, that brought us the right Christmas and gave us peace, hope, and joy, etc. Closing Music from the Youth Choir.

THE SUNDAY School had 9 a.m. Worship on the 5th Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, and omitted Sunday School. Instead, the Sunday was supplied the “The Fruit of the Spirit is love” (Remembering that God is Love). Example: Joy is love’s strength. Peace is love’s security. Long-suffering is love’s patience. Gentleness is love’s conduct. Goodness is love’s character. Faith is love’s confidence meekness is love’s humility. Temperance is love’s victory. Against such there is new law. And the nineth one is self-control.

WHY DID all of these ministries extend directional empowerments in teaching? These were really needed and continued. Because there is much to be done in the communities to improve behavior. Communities really needed this advise to grow on. Many are wondering where is legal help?

TIME TO say Happy Birthday to: Kenneth Hall, Willie Frank Finley, Hendrick Sherrell, Ashlee Winston, Jan. 2; Janita Thompson, Jan. 5; Adam Snowden, Brandon Coker, Jan. 7; Bobbie Smith, Jason Madden, Jan. 8. May all of you have many more.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for the sick and shut ins. May all of you have speedy recoveries.

BE CAREFUL in driving, carefully watch for children who are still on holidays, and the texting on cellphones. Everyone wants to be safe.

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to Lanett High in outstanding winning and all others.

CONGRATULATIONS TO Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia for excellent playing this year in football. Support your teams.

HAVE A good week.