A special benefit program will be held at Zion Rest Heard Center

Published 11:00 am Friday, February 9, 2018

HELLO COMMUNITIES: here is a special program, sponsored the Pastor’s Aide of New Zion and Sis. Carrie Pearl Johnson of New Love Union, Rev. Rodell Poole, Pastor. New Zion Baptist Church, Lanett, AL, presents a Benefit Program to be held at Zion Rest Heard Center, Valley, AL. This Benefit Program will be held Saturday. February 17, at 5:00 PM EST for Pastor Jackie D. Banks and Lady Cynthia Banks. August of 2017, Pastor Banks underwent back surgery and now needing to have a second back surgery prayerfully scheduled in February.

Lady Cynthia Banks is his caregiver, whom was out of work over two months following his surgery. She will have to be out of work again following his 2nd back surgery. We would highly appreciate and would love for you to come and shower your love. This invitation is open to all choirs, soloists, praise dancers, and preachers to come out and lift up the name of Jesus with your praises as we bless our “First Family”. The Church Family is giving “Thanks in advance for the support”. You will be blessed over and over.

The Theme Scripture for the Benedict Program: Psalm 149:1,3,5. The Master of Ceremony: Kennis (little Ken) Rowland-102.3 Eagle Nest, Inc., Roanoke, AL. The Guest Radio Announcers: Bro. Jothaniel Zeigler (formally) WRLA-1490 Gospel Truth Sunday Evening Gospel. Bro. Johnny Hill-WTCH 1310, West Point and Valley area. Bro. Andre’ Fields- WUBZ 11.7 FM, Tuskegee, AL. Bro. David Huguley- WRLA 1490 AM, Lanett, AL. Special Guests: Ruth Black and the Harmonettes, Alexander City, AL. Holloway and Drake Singers, Lafayette, AL. Bro. L. Heard and God Chosen One, Auburn, AL. Brother Jarvis Green, Atlanta, GA. Pastor John Flournoy and The Singing Disciples, Lanett, AL. Pastor Eddie Hunter and The Alabama Spirituals, Alex City, AL. Sister Letika McCullough, Lanett, AL. Uniquely Made Dance Ministry, Lagrange, GA and many more. For more information please contact Sis. Shirley Bailey (706)-773-1042, Sis. Carrie Pearl Johnson (334)-476-9917. Sis. Elaine Thomas (706)-518-0354. Everyone is invited.

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PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for the sick and shut ins.. May all of you have speedy recoveries.

ANNUAL YOUTH day was celebrated at St. Stephens CME, Sunday January 28. Guest Speaker Ms. Tanisha Sands, a recent graduate of Fort Valley State University. The Special Guest: Uniquely Made Dance Ministries of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Lagrange, GA. Musicians accompanying to the Youth Choir: Pianist Charlotte Truitt and Percussionist Rodney Heard. Directional Worship Leader: Jacobie Howell. There were outstanding performances of the Praise Dances, they dramatized the what this music was saying in their beautiful dance.

They brought touches for the listeners’ hearts!! Program: After the congregational hymn, Morning Prayer was prayed by Jaren Ross, he prayed a thankful prayer and followed by the chanting of the Lord’s Prayer. A selection by the choir. Scripture: Old and New Testament were led by Donovan Stephens and Savion Salter, followed by Ministry of Kindness and Offertory Prayer. The Words of Welcome and Occasion was beautifully said by Mia Jeni Gibson.

It was made interesting with her ending her speech with Scripture that told of love. Then music from the choir. The second appearance of the Unique Made Dance Ministries. This performance was very timely, they made motion and gave facial expression of “A people in a troubled generation or troubled time”!!! The choir sang another song. The Introduction of the Guest Speaker- Jaci Howell. She recognized her parents, grandparents, etc. Her speech was timely and just right for the Youth. The Church extends many thanks to Ms. Tanisha Sands, it was great!! Rev. L. Threatts, Pastor.

A GROUP of Missionaries had a meeting immediately after church, Sunday, February 4. They had an interesting plan. They discussed a directional program for the month of February. And February 11th begins our observation of Black History Month at St. Stephens CME Church. They named pew captains and also listed their names on the bulletin board as you enter the Sanctuary. Also advised participants to please* give their donations to the person that is listed for the seat number you may sit on. Each pew captain is asked for $25 and the captains are asked to please remember to your donations in memory or honor of an African American past or present!

HERE COMES class with an exciting presentation. Look out, look out! Mrs. Fuller’s class is coming on the third Sunday of Feb. 18. Also the next Sunday, Feb. 25, 4th Sunday, those who are going to participate in Tribute to Negro Spiritual, please have your names and songs ready to give to the Missionary Choir to me- Sis. Edith Coleman. Let’s be ready for the month of February enjoyments.

HEY TO the educators! Have you heard of a new program of children brought to the United States? These children are also known as dreamers and young immigrants who qualify for a temporary renewal stay under a program just started five years ago, formally known as the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals or DACA. It was understood that there was a widespread fear and concern among DACA recipients’ a while back from President Trump. When President Trump announced his administration rescinding the DACA program as of March 5, 2018. Rescinding means to cut, revoke, or cancel a law. He said this would be more expenses to be added to the budgets in the American’s future. All communities should dig this deeper into Dreamer Students. DACA facts in education. Years ago, the US. Supreme Court handed down a ruling for free education, especially the public school. Well, maybe the educators would like to examine this before a bill is thrusted!! This needs to be detailed explained!!

FEBRUARY IS a month to be noticed for many outstanding days.. Such as February 2- Groundhog’s Day; Lincoln’s Birthday- February 12; Ash Wednesday- February 14; Valentine’s Day- February 14; Presidents’ Day- February 19; Washington’s Birthday- Feb. 19. These days are nice to be remembered.

IT’S TIME to say Happy Birthday to: belated but happy, Estella Perkins, Jan. 4; Willie Ray, Jan. 17; Rev. James McTier, Jan. 24; Brenda Gore Jones, Jan. 28. Mattie Ruth Gibson, Feb. 9; Tina Hines Mona Waldrop, Feb. 10; Dustin Coker, Feb. 11; Peggy Davidson, Feb. 12; Emma Sue Booker, Feb. 13; Laveto Davidson, Jamie Douglas, Feb. 14; Cynthia Allen, Feb. 15. May all of you have many more.

HEY THERE communities! Did you realize Lanett is in the spotlight for hosting: 2018 2A Area 8, Basketball Tournament? The City of Lanett is ready and hosting most of this week at the high school.. in the Panther Den Gym. 5th and 9th- Reeltown Boys Coach-Jonathan Gardner, Lafayette Boys Coach-Obadiah Threadgill, Horseshoe Bend Boys Coach-Chad Kison, Lanett Boys Coach- Richard Carter at 7:30 EST. Feb. 5 at 6:00 EST Reeltown Girls Coach- James Solomon. Lafayette Girls- Michael Brasher. Feb. 5- Horseshoe Bend Girls Coach- Erica Meigs, Lanett Girls Coach- Charlie Williams. And Lanett has been the winner- congratulations. Also more playing Friday at 7:00 PM. Be there- Feb. 17.

HAVE A good week.