College student Christian Lane is ‘Spring 2018’

Published 10:00 am Thursday, February 15, 2018

SPECIALTIES TO this college student for a profile that shows growth and development in her learning career. She makes each step in her achievement letter. That’s great! Hello, my name is Christian Lane and I am a “Spring 2018” transfer student from Southern Union State Community College, Opelika, AL.

Originally from Salem, AL, I chose to transfer to Alabama State because I had a deep desire to fulfill my dream by attending a Historical Black College with high honor and respect, for all nationalities students.

As a History Education major, I was interested in Alabama State because I wanted to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity without traveling far away from home to explore African American history first-hand and to be able to use the tools to help educate and empower someone else while becoming one of the best teachers in the United States.

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For years, Alabama State University has been known as a best teacher’s college, because it teaches one how to teach what is needed and when to teach it. I am most looking forward to this new and exciting journey for the next two years as I attend classes to participate in extracurricular activities, meet new friends and the list goes on and hope to add to the reputation of ASU by becoming a prominent scholar as an African American History teacher.

She is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Edward and Irene Lane. May the blessings be yours Christian. Thank you for reading.

HELLO RIVERVIEW, AL, February is such a wonderful month to choose and elect officers. May all extend their gratitude to new elected Cassie Carlisle a new council member for District 5, on Valley City Council. Special Congratulations to Cassie and the entire city council: have a good year to Mayor Riley and all members.

THERE WAS an awesome time at the Black History Celebration held at St. Stephens CME Church, Valley, AL, Sunday, February 11.  The beginning of the program was opened with devotion. The Black History Program included a pew rally that acknowledge blacks and church members who were involved through beginning movements of Black History. 

Pew Rally was presented from each Church Pew. Pearlie Gibson was honored for her participation in the Montgomery Boycotts and bus protests along with her works in the community and church.  Then, Little Miss Micah Fuller (5 years old) gave history of the First Black President Barack Obama.

He served his 8 years as President of the United States of America. From the area Mr. Roy “Papa Duke” Floyd was recognized for living to be 100 years old.  Horace King history given by Cleveland King, helping build the overhead bridges from back waters area and on!!!

Senior Robert and Martha Finch were number one assistants in Founder of the St. Stephens CME Church that was moved to Riverview from Mechanicsville and currently stands.  Bro. David Floyd acknowledge the builder of St. Stephens and all of the Montgomery Phenix City Opelika churches, Dr. G.M. Frazier. He did a beautiful job.

Then, the late Bro. Wyatt Finch was known as the area’s First Black Council of Valley, AL. Also, the founder of Miles College and  Senior Bishop for the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church was represented by Lucrezia Henderson.  Also, a black man was popular with a telephone invention. Dr. West working at John Hopkins Hospital is great in his work, and Dr. Hopkins is still alive.

Also, Dr. Shirley an Jackson, is well noted. Then, a person was well noted for pulling and putting leadership to work to help build a better community. She always knew the people that were needed certain purposes, and made sure the church was stabilized, and schools. She worked from one city to another: she was the late Mrs. Nettie Gibson.

A good summary was given by Bro. Tim Davis on Black Development. Pearlie Gibson talked about what the troubled water meant. The troubled water contained blessings for the ones who were in trouble, healing and etc. While the choir hummed, Pearlie talked.

Pastor Threatts used Scripture from Deuteronomy 4:1-4 and the Subject: “How Far is the Promise”?  The Sermon was great! Closure: Bro. Eddie Carlisle gave expressions St. Stephens CME Church Family was elated with all the lovely guest. The Church Family highly appreciate all visitors and special guest. Please come again. The celebration was great!

FIRST LADY Patricia Carlisle of Sweet Hope requested special prayer for Bro. Robertson, Sis. Johnson, needs prayer for her kidneys.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for the sick and shut ins. And pray for America. May all of you have speedy recoveries.

THE NEW Zion Baptist Church, Lanett, AL had preparational meeting for the church’s 25 years of service. Rev. Jackie D. Banks, Pastor. The leading committee people named the things they would need for the celebration. In celebrating the 25th Pastoral Anniversary of the Pastor. The Rev. Jackie D. Banks and First Lady Cynthia Banks, there will be a souvenir book published and distributed to all participants who have purchased an ad for $15 or more.

We truly appreciate your support and prayers by purchasing an ad. The needed information: your name, address, phone number. And these words size: full page (70 Words) $50, half page (30 words) $25, Quarter page (20 words) $15. Business cards $5. Be sure to write how much you are sending by saying “amount enclosed”. Note: all ads must be ready to print when submitted with the form mailed to the above church. Deadline for money and ad is March 25.

ARE YOU trying to keep your financial boats afloat? NEA shares a familiar story with a routine habit of moving from your teaching job about in the afternoon to a second job, a part time dental assistant and office manager at a dental clinic. She must have her office set up before work time and a change of clothing.  Why the second job? The second job is because my teaching salary is not enough to cover my expenses, so I have to spend time working a second job to get ready for the next month. NEA says keep the boat afloat!

STAND UP, Speak Out and Be Heard. Location:  James H Sloppy Floyd Building, Atlanta, GA. Lunch: no cost to GAE members. Here is what you may not know about: DACA. (Dreamers). Individuals had to pay $95 fee and meet each of the criteria to qualify on a case-by-case basis.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Liz Smith, Kevin Madden, Feb. 16; TObb Hall, Mervin Ingram, Feb. 17; Beth Newton, Feb. 19; Gloria Stillwell, Feb. 20; Darryal McCullough, Feb. 21. May all of you have many more.

WE ARE proud of Valley High School for a huge step last week. We have an area of very good sportsmanship. So be thankful.

WE ARE proud of our climbing heights of the boys. The Lanett girls excelled and ended the season proudly. The Lanett boys are excellent. Specialties to them.

AND WE are still moving in success of basketball with Lanett.

WE PAUSED to share sorrows in condolences with the bereaved families. Traci Smith and family lost their loved one. Their father in FL. We are praying for your strength. And the Donerlson Family lost Ms. Alma Donerlson. May your days be brighter.

HAVE A good week.