Considering the Youth Day message

Published 11:25 am Friday, February 23, 2018

WE ARE deeply concerned about the powerful message given to St. Stephens and Surrounding youth as they celebrated Youth Day, January 21, at St. Stephens CME Church. A college graduate of Fort Valley State was the speaker, Tanisha Sands. Being a recent college graduate of last quarter, she shows all, what kind of life she has been living and currently encouraging other youth to use this powerful way of life. Tanisha B. Sands speech was passionately devoted to the word of God’s way of life, being humble and acknowledgeable, but knowing pains, but understanding the Fruits of God’s corrections. She made it plain, that discipline causes pain. That’s why God’s corrections are heart touching in obeying the Word of the Lord. Her Scripture: Psalm 119:9-10. She opened her message by reading verse 9 of 119.  Subject: “God’s Directions for Youth”. As she gave the meanings she also gave examples of youth talk and behavior patterns. The 9th verse’s meaning the teaching pure wisdom and instructing a young man, etc., it should make him purely, morally, free from taint, but still he is morally corrupted. Then, Tanisha challenged the listeners with a question: “How can a young person stay pure?” By obeying the Word of God. Then, she displayed a beautiful understanding of verse 9: clean- means morally and ethically pure by Christ’s standards. Being clean and pure is how you treat people. Just what do you think of them and things they do? Then, she gave corrections in the message. If you feel dirty, then cleanse yourself. How do you figure what to do? If you’ve never had to cleanse yourself before. Your effect of moral character when something corrupted causes a spoil that results in infect of taint as verse 9 says. Thant means the unpleasantness that you discover etc, a taint means contamination or spoil. All youth can stop the “spoil life”. Being young, everything is now a new experience. Growing up is like being dropped off in a new city where you don’t know anyone or where you’re going. And everyone knows a visitor and not where you are from or what you are doing there. Never put yourself in a position of being tricked or being mugged. She gave more helpful information. Excellent speech. There is so much power in speech until all youths would have something to live by. Congratulations Tanisha Sands. Have a great future.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for the sick and shut ins. Pray for America. Pray that America returns to the Biblical principles, where it was first founded. May all have speedy recoveries.

THE WOMEN Sunday School class received a symbol for the month of February entitled Christian craft award. The Christian craft award was imprinted with three-way symbol: Love from your heart inside heart shape, valentine’s day the outside heart shape and two shaped ribbons, representing the ribbon shapes for the cancer symbols.

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WHAT IS the exciting talk in the communities? The answer is ASHAA: Alabama High School Athletic Association. It is Regional Basketball Championship of the Northeast Region at Jasksonville State University. Coach Carter and the Panthers and fans enjoyed the Coliseum Monday night against their opponent with joy! There will be the final 4 played in Birmingham, AL, Monday, February 26, 2018 at 7:45 CST.

HALL MEMORIAL CME Church, Valley, AL enjoyed Black History Observance on Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 2:00 PM. Guest Speaker: Rev. Willie G. Wimberly and Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, in West Point, GA. The worked from the theme: “The Time is Right to DO What is Always Right”. Scripture: Galatians 6:9. They had a great time recalling characters of those days. The church family highly appreciates all participants and visitors who joined them in the observance.

GET READY, get ready.. St. Stephens CME Church Women’s Organization Holy Land Experience Trip will be July 26-29. Embassy Suites Hotel, this is based on 4 people to a room:  $185 per person, van rental and gas will be $120 per person, total trip cost per person is $355 and $100 deposit is  due  by March 11.

HELLO THERE communities. Did you realize March is here and it soon will be Daylight Saving Time, June 11, 2018?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Dana Stiggers, Feb. 20; Willie Lee Ray, Feb. 23; Arthur Floyd, Jr., Shannon Colquitt, Feb. 24; Shilo Frederick, Jerry Andrews, Feb. 25; Deborah Chambers, Kenneth Chambers, Brandon Williams, Andrew Wilson, Verna Sands, Feb. 26; Kelisha Stephens, Ned Strickland, Feb. 27; Eric Finch, Bertha Ray Hardie, Feb. 28; Arthur Floyd, Sr. Feb. 29; Debra Askew, Rosa W. Stiggers, March 1. May all of you have many more.

THIS COMMUNITY pause for condolences to all bereaved families. We are sharing your sorrows in lost of your loved ones. Especially to the parents in Florida. May your days be brighter.

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to Lanett High School, Lanett, AL continues with very good leaders to achieve in basketball.

DO NOT text and drive, nor speed.

HAVE A good week.