Let’s end the season by picking up our trash

Published 1:01 pm Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spring is approximately one month away and the new season will bring with it a time-honored tradition of cleaning and starting fresh.

Whether it be changing the sheets to a lighter fabric or getting a start on a new garden, springtime is when most of us really get a start on the new year.

But what about our roads and streets?

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To be sure, neither are horrible. The casual traveler will see some trash along the road here and there whenever it catches their eye, but counting the pieces of junk along any stretch of road will start to add up.

This is not a problem that can be blamed on any one person or group. We’ve all done this at some time in the past, no matter how small.

Many will say that cleanup of the roads should be left to city governments and the road crews responsible for the area’s beautification.

Unfortunately, no city has the capability of cleaning up every stretch of road under its control. As citizens, we should take ownership over the conditions of our roads. There should not be an expectation that someone else will clean up the mess we leave. Doing so would be synonymous with a child leaving their room in a mess and expecting the parent to pick it up.

So let’s clean up. Walk to the roadside nearest your home and office and lend a hand picking up whatever we can find. If everyone does this, then our town will look that much better.

Our city officials have gone above and beyond in efforts to revitalize and revamp our homes.

We can do the same by making our streets a little nicer.