Let’s keep the discourse civil

Published 1:00 pm Friday, February 9, 2018

Today is the deadline for qualifying to run in the 2018 Democratic and Republican primaries marking the beginning of another political season.

Politics is a tricky subject to talk about. It’s all very opinionated and everyone has their idea on how things should be done.

But instead of discussing politics in general, let’s discuss the topic of those actually running for elected office.

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It can’t be an easy thing to make that decision and those that do so should be
commended for wanting to be a public servant.

There are negative connotations that come with running for office: untrustworthiness, greed, ego and a thirst for power chief among them..

In truth, public servants are a necessity. Most, if not all, are good people just looking to do good from under the umbrella of democracy.

Your average politician isn’t a corporate lawyer or real-estate tycoon, they’re the lady that shows up at every council meeting with a suggestion or the man from down the street that thinks more should be done to fix the roads or the cost of utilities.

These are your friends and neighbors and the people you grew up around.

With that said, let’s all agree to keep the discourse civil. While, historically speaking, politics has not always been the kindest of public arenas, it can be.

Let’s not get bogged down in the minutia of political parties.

Let’s not overhype an issue to the point of ridiculousness.

Let’s all agree to treat everyone that has decided to run for political office with the respect they deserve for agreeing to put themselves out there.

It takes a strong person to willingly put themselves in the line of fire.