Lighted street signs coming to Lanett soon

Published 8:49 am Friday, February 16, 2018

LANETT — Something new is coming to Lanett: lighted street signs.

Seventeen of them have been ordered, and they will mark directions above the high-traffic areas in town. Most of them are blue with white lettering.

The two exceptions point the way to the two high schools in town. A black and gold one will be going up on Highway 50 and point the way to Lanett High. A red and white one will lead the way to Springwood School.

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“These signs are very easy to read, especially at night, and they look really good,” said Mayor Kyle McCoy. “I’m excited that we’re able to do this.”

Ownership of the city utility system was a big factor in it.

The signs are very similar to the illuminated street signs near the campuses of Auburn University and the University of Alabama.

Appropriately enough, they are manufactured in the state of Alabama. Temple Edge-Lit makes them in Decatur, Ala.

These internally-illuminated LED street name signs operate in accordance with national, state and local requirements for traffic control signage.

These signs will be ideal for those who are out walking or jogging along the sidewalk at night. Pedestrians won’t have to wait for the headlights of a passing car to light up a street sign. The sign is already lighted and easily seen.

LED lighting greatly enhances visibility, adds to the aesthetic appeal of the town and also promotes traffic safety. Better visibility helps night-time drivers better judge the distance they need to slow down or to make a lane change.

“These signs will be on all the major roads and around the schools,” said Planning & Development Director Tony Chandler.

Electrical Department Superintendent David DeLee said that all the signs are 22 inches in height but vary in width. The biggest one is the one pointing the way to Lanett High School. It’s black and gold in color and includes the Panther logo. It will be going over Veterans Memorial Parkway at the junction of South 8th Avenue.

“No one’s going to miss that!” DeLee said.

The first of the new signs was put in place on Thursday afternoon. It marks the location of South 6th Street from heavily-traveled Highway 29. This is the way to the Charter Communications office and the Lanett Methodist Church,

“It could take a couple of weeks to get them all up,” DeLee said. “We will be doing it along with everything else we do on a daily basis.”

In several weeks, the city council will be looking at some major upgrades for the city’s main substation behind the Chamber of Commerce/CCDA office on Broad Avenue.