Shawmut News: First Baptist Church holds kick-off Taste and See

Published 2:18 pm Wednesday, February 21, 2018

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Shawmut held their kick-off Taste and See for 2018 on Sunday, January 14th. Two groups met at different homes and from all accounts, had wonderful meals and lots of fun enjoying each other’s company.

One group met at the home of Mrs. Jean Miller in West Point and began with the blessing on the covered dish meal offered by Ken Passmore. After everyone had eaten their fill, Ken kept their brains working and them awake (you know you have to have a nap after a meal like that) by asking questions that have no right or wrong answers but would make you consider your answer over and over. One question was: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could take only one thing with you, what would that be? Spouse, cell phone, food, water, Bible, tent, matches etc or could he have meant only one thing, not multiple items of food, multiple bottles of water, one match etc. Wow, now that makes you think hard and then you know your answer is not right, but that’s o’ kay, it was fun hearing the answers and reasoning behind them.

Those having a great time at this location were: Eddie and Joyce Linch, Elaine Breedlove, Sally Veale, Margaret Ennis, Marilyn Suttles, Carl and Patti Dyess, Ken and Mary Catherine Passmore, Bo Dyess, Champ Dyess, Shirley Bills, Bill Spears and the hostess, Jean Miller.

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And across the way, out in Huguley, at the home of Sandra and Carey Meadows, the other group met and enjoyed their meal and knowing the cooks, it was bountiful and delicious as well .

Rev. Chuck Anderson asked the blessing after Carey welcomed everyone to their home. Following the meal, there was time for relaxing and fellowship.

Those attending and having a great time at the Meadows home were: Nita Abney, Mary Ann Fuller, Dot Williams, Doris Reese, Billy Tolbert, Ronnie Carter, Chuck and Toni Anderson, Norman and Lois Passmore, Tony and Marsha Smith, Bobby and Linda Tolbert and the hosts, Carey and Sandra Meadows.

Everyone is looking forward to the next Taste and See (you know we all like to eat and it is more enjoyable when shared with family and friends).

Terry and Liz Landreth traveled to McDonough, GA on Sunday after church to visit with Adam, Ashley, Anberlin and Ayrton Landreth and Payton Hernandez, who was visiting the Landreth’s also, and to attend the Parade of Missions that concluded a weekend Missions Conference at Henry Baptist Church.

Anberlin was dressed in the traditional dress of Venezuela. There were lots of countries represented by the children in traditional dress. The older children marched with flags of the countries they represented. The children sang as their part of the program and were then dismissed to go to the activities prepared for them.

One group of missionaries sang in Swahili and in English and blessed many hearts with their enthusiasm and love for God and missions. Two missionaries spoke and challenged everyone to consider where you live, work, play, etc. as your mission field to reach out to the hurting and show them God’s love.

The Landreths enjoyed the time together and the wonderful worship service at Henry Baptist Church.

The Joy Sunday School Class of First Baptist Church Shawmut celebrated Valentine’s Day a little early on February 10th at the home of Terry and Liz Landreth in Huguley. A luncheon was held and everyone enjoyed the delicious food and the heart shaped red velvet cake.

The tables, decorated by Anberlin Landreth, 6 year old granddaughter of Terry and Liz, were beautiful and added a festive feeling to the day. Liz welcomed everyone and asked God’s blessing on the food and those attending.

Following the meal the ladies, with help from Anberlin, filled bags with candy, homemade cookies and homemade fudge for the shut-ins and others to show God’s love to them. There was heaps of candy plus the cookies and fudge that was very tempting and from reports of the recipients it was a wonderful surprise and really enjoyed, more than once.

Those attending and enjoying the food, fellowship, filling of bags and the special treat of having Anberlin helping to spread God’s love were: Margaret Ennis, Marilyn Suttles, Janice Sorrells, Nita Abney, Hilda Hunt, Shirley Bills, Sallie Breedlove, Elizabeth Hall, Mary Ann Fuller, Cheryl Myers, Anberlin Landreth from McDonough, GA and the hosts, Terry and Liz Landreth. Greatly missed were Carolyn Oliver who had just gotten out of the hospital and Dot Williams who was still trying to get over the flu.

Movie and Game Night was held at First Baptist Church Shawmut on Friday, February 16th. The children met upstairs for a delightful movie and had lots of fun. You know you have to have popcorn and drinks at a movie and this was no exception plus other treats.

Those having a great time were: Maggie Jo Rennie, Macy Knox, Bo Dyess, Champ Dyess, Hailey Almon, Mackenzie Atkins, Connor Atkins and the brave and wonderful children’s leader, April Hutchins.

Now to move downstairs, the ‘game’ folks had lots of fun playing different games and from the noise level, they must have been having lots of it. I know some enjoyed the wonderful snacks more than the games if you can count the number of trips made back to the snack tables.

Those taking part in this group were: Ronnie Carter, Jeff Hutchins, Tina Hutchins, Lois Passmore, Norman Passmore, Nita Abney, Luther Hutchins, Jewel Hutchins, Shirley Bills, James Myers, Paul Knox, Carl Dyess, Patti Dyess, Tony Myers, Margaret Ennis, Marilyn Suttles, Jeff Myers, Macy Knox (yes, she gets counted twice as she didn’t want to slight either group) and Rev. Chuck Anderson.

Everyone is looking forward to the next Movie and Game Night and hope those who were sick and unable to attend will make it then

The Baptist Women of First Baptist Church Shawmut met Tuesday, February 6th in the church meeting room in the Shawmut Post Office building.

Mrs. Lois Passmore was the hostess for the meeting and welcomed everyone. Janice Sorrells opened the meeting with prayer and also asked God’s blessing on the delicious soup plus the trimmings and awesome homemade cookies they enjoyed.

Following the refreshments, Mrs. Lois gave the program on WMU as our church does it. She used scripture from James 2:14-18 stating that our Baptist Women group is a service group of ladies who minister to and get the church involved in the ministry at home and internationally. Baptist Women supports international missions thru the Lottie Moon Christmas offering and the goal that had been set for this was exceeded by several hundred dollars. Home missions is covered by the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and last year that goal was surpassed. The state mission is supported by the Myers-Mallory offering and the goal set for this was also met and surpassed.

We also have to think of hands on missions, Mrs. Passmore added, such as Samaritan’s Purse shoe boxes where this group filled 70 boxes and had items left over to share with Chattahoochee Hospice for their veteran patients and also the Christian Service Center, Collecting food, clothing and toys for the their purpose, having a baby shower plus filling baby bottles for Sav-A-Life, reaching out to girls at Hanna Home and the kids at the Children’s Home in Oxford.

There are many more times this group ministered in the name of the Lord and as they did, they were growing in the fruits of the Spirit, giving of themselves through prayer for our missionaries and other needs, stretching ourselves as we reach out to others to show God’s love and always remembering the power of words. A kind word can make someone’s day and a hurtful word (even if we know or think it is true) can destroy a person’s day or life. We thank God that He can use our small efforts to bring joy into the lives of others and glory to His name.

Linda Tolbert handled the business session and stated that we did exceed our Lottie Moon Christmas offering goal and we will be collecting for the Annie Armstrong East Offering goal shortly. March 6th this group will be 4 years old and we are thankful for God allowing us to grow and continue to touch lives for Him. The goal for the Annie Armstrong offering was also set. Linda announced that The Annual East Liberty Baptist Association WMU meeting will be held April 17th at Lanier Baptist Church as the Focus on WMU is the week of February 12-18th.

Nita Abney gave the prayer calendar reading scripture from Jeremiah 29:4-13 with the focus on Zambia missionaries and our need to focus on accepting God’s forgiveness for our sins and accept His empowerment to do His work. Shirley Bills led the prayer for the missionaries having birthdays and other needs.

Mary Ann Fuller gave the treasurer’s report and Elizabeth Hall read the minutes of the previous meeting. Cheryl Myers asked for prayer for a special family she is working with who is in need lots of help and God’s intervention in their lives. Mary Ann closed the meeting with prayer.

Those attending were: Janice Sorrells, Wanda Phipps, Elizabeth Hall, Sallie Breedlove, Hilda Hunt, Carolyn Oliver, Mary Ann Fuller, Elaine Breedlove, Linda Tolbert, Liz Landreth, Cheryl Myers, Shirley Bills, Lois Passmore and Nita Abney.