St. Paul CME presents Youth Explosion

Published 11:21 am Friday, February 2, 2018

THE St. Paul CME Church presented their Annual Youth Explosion 2018, Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 2:30 PM EST. They used a theme: “A Generation Being Born Again”.

This Youth Day message was well accepted and brought a beautiful spirit. This spirit was brought and by the attendants in the celebration, the way in which the intense pressure was erased. The program was designed to over come cultural assumptions that hindered the Gospel in early Gentiles of Simeon.

The Youth Explosion in the sanctuary of St. Paul CME was really saying to all cultural improvement has always been needed in the Gospel in order to be born again in all expressions: as far as improvement of mind, manners of developing special care for each other as the Gentiles multicolor, skills, arts, singing, speaking for the work of civilization in work of jobs especially school- languages needed in education. In this program, there was no hesitant share of the Gospel. God, did not give grace to one nation nor one age.

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God extends His grace to all nations and all ages- Luke 2:25. This program presented the fact of Luke 2:25. Simeon took Jesus in his arms and praised God. There was no differences at the presentation of Simeon in the multicolored God’s Love. Call to Worship: Master Jaren Ross of St. Stephens CME Church, Valley, AL. The Devotional Exercises was conducted by St. Paul Youth Praise Team. Then the Processional of the Youth Choir marched to the choir stand.

The choir sang three beautiful songs and prayed. Scripture was read followed by Offering and Offertory Prayer. The next part of the explosion was the enjoyment of St.  Mark Praise Dancers. Then responses from the Worship Leader. They performed very well.

At this segment in the program a beautiful recording artist, Katy Rain, was introduced by the Worship Leader. Katy Rain sang two selections of outstanding music. She was enjoyable. She also ended with a prayer for all. A solo performed by Taylor Jackson was in preparation of the Sermon.

Guest Speaker- 12-year-old Rev. Jaylin Alexander, Pastor Johnny Nelms said Rev. Alexander was a football player, 7th grader, from Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Alexander opened with the strength of an adult preacher. He said I have been born again because the angels in heaven changed my name.

As Rev. Alexander continued he told the listening congregation how he knew he had been born again. He said the Lord was with him and has been with him all the time. Then, Rev. Alexander told the story of the Three Hebrew Boys, in the time of Daniel.

He said the Lord will bring us out of anything because He is able. Let us all praise God diligently at all times. Then, he encouraged all to make good choices or wise choices. He took time and encouraged all young people to please make good choices.

Let your decisions be wise because you need to know how to bring your self out what you get into before too late. Oh, what an excellent address and message. Great continue Rev. Alexander!! The Explosion was great!!

St. Paul expressed love and gratitude to all who joined them. After the program, Pastor Johnnie Nelms and Mrs. Vanessa Nelms had remarks and Mrs. Nelms gave awards to some participants. Refreshments was served. Thanks to St. Paul for the needed program. Enjoyed seeing friends of years ago.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for sick and shut ins. May all of you have speedy recoveries.

GOD’S HOUSE of Prayer Holiness Church, Auburn, AL is holding a three night financial classes at 6 PM and Worship Service at 7 PM. Theme: “The Debt Cancellation Revival”. Beginning Wednesday, January 31- Friday, February 2. All services are free. Classes start 6 PM Nightly. Presiding Bishop and Founder, Bishop Frank Mcleod. God’s House of Prayer Holiness Church. For more information: Bishop Mcleod (334)-740-0294. Be there for this outstanding Revival.

GREATER EBENEZER Missionary Baptist Church, Salem, AL made everyone welcome by invitations to come and join them in their Missionary and Matrons’ Day celebration, Sunday, January 28, at 2:30 PM EST. Theme: “Let Your Light Shine”. Special Guest: Rev. Jeffery McCauley and Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Smith Station, AL. They used the Scripture: Matthew 5:16. Rev. Ford and Church Family extends appreciation to all who came out and made their celebration day great!

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to our recent achievers: This is Appreciation Month for the Board of Education… our community: says special congratulations to Jeffery Finch, who is a long time and a good member of the Board of Education.

COACH MARSHON Harper and special congratulations for taken a win in basketball last week around Jan. 22. Good work Coach Harper.

OUR COMMUNITY honors the interest in Cassie Carlisle’s great step of running for a council seat. Special Congratulations to Cassie Carlisle for helping promote Chambers County’s condition of education.

OOPS! TWO Championship coaches: Coach Clifford and Coach Nick Saban met last week. Special Congratulations to both of you, you two are blessed coaches.

COACH STORY had two players chosen from Lanett by Nick Saban for University of Alabama. May all of the achievers be continually blessed in the future.

PLEASE SAY a special prayer for Pastor Jackie D. Banks and Lady Cynthia Banks. Pastor had back surgery a few months ago and now needing to recover. Also they say a second back surgery is due. The communities are invited to attend a Benefit Program at Zion Rest Heard Center, Valley, AL. Please get prepared to support the Benefit Program to be held Saturday, February 17, at 5 PM EST. Ther will be a great number of participants on the program. Be there!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Devone Gibson, Anthony McGhee, Pricella Johnson, Eric Finch. Feb. 2; Constance Wright, Wendy Draper, Jacoby Jackson, Feb.3; Tolandra Harris, Frank Jones, Feb. 4; Lucrezia Henderson, Kea Martin, Feb.5. may all of you have many more.

SPECIAL HAPPINESS and love  is due for this Wedding Couple, February 2, to none other than Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery and Mae Finch. May you all be blessed in the future. Have a great day!

PLEASE DON’T text and drive. Support your basketball teams. Behave and get that homework.

PRAY FOR America.

HAVE A good week.