The Valley area has much to offer

Published 11:15 am Tuesday, February 13, 2018

One hundred and forty-two years. That’s how long the Valley area was known exclusively for the mills that dotted the landscape.

But the final mill closed in 2008 and with it, a loss of identity. How can a mill town keep that moniker without a mill?

However, in recent years the area has seen a resurgence. New enterprises have made the decision to open businesses and the people have been eager to promote Valley, Lanett, LaFayette and West Point as great places for new industries.

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But what about everything else there is to offer?

What about the numerous outdoor activities available?

Between the recent reopening of the Shawmut and Langdale boat ramps, the abundance of hiking trails and the numerous watersports available, as well as the closeness to Callaway Gardens, this is an outdoor enthusiasts dream.

What about the history of the area? 

Both Joe Lewis, a record-holding heavyweight boxer, and Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center, both hail from Chambers County.

The connection to these men and the history of the area can be better presented to those visiting.

What about the various educational opportunities?

The Greater Valley Area hosts a number of public and private schools, a local community college and a four-year private university, as well as being only a 30-minute drive to Auburn University.

This is a great area to live in and it is only getting better.

Let’s get the word out.