Valley Times-News unveils redesign

Published 10:00 am Friday, February 9, 2018

The Valley Times-News has undergone a redesign, which has been implemented for the first time in Friday’s newspaper. This redesign is the culmination of much hard work and sweat equity, and will provide a more engaging, crisp newspaper on a daily basis moving forward. The front-page flag, headline fonts, paragraph styles, feature locations, spacing and sports pages have all been updated to provide for a more positive reading experience for the newspaper’s subscriber base.

The goal of this redesign has been to provide The Valley Times-News readers with a more organized and up-to-date looking product. The front page alone displays a new flag, the permanent return of the Bible verse, an updated graphic for the West Point Lake level, along with a ‘Good Morning’ feature, which will highlight one local citizen per day. Additional advertising space has also been created on the front page, allowing for more local businesses to share their message with the Greater Valley Area on prime real estate.

Additionally, daily features will be incorporated on the front page of the newspaper. A small business feature, education feature, veteran feature, neighbor feature and first responder feature will rotate through the front page, and is an element that will help highlight the many
faces and people within Chambers County. While the fonts have been updated, the font size has not been adjusted.

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Features that have previously moved from page-to-page will now be found in the same location each day. The editorial page will now be found daily on page four, and the newspaper is actively searching for more community voices to contribute to this page on a weekly basis.

The Briefly Told feature, along with police reports, arrest reports and obituaries, have all migrated together to page five, and provide more cohesion for these elements. Comics have been moved to page eight, and will mirror the classifieds section, which will now be found on page seven.

The sports section has also seen updates, and will include new features. A daily rail will be incorporated onto the back page, and will provide TV information, as well as state wide and regional sports briefs.

The redesign is the end result of much hard work and determination, and has been done in an effort to bring a product into the homes and lives of the wonderful people who live in the Greater Valley Area. We hope you enjoy the changes.